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This Saturday, from the writer of The Return of Harmony and Magic Duel comes the greatest Magical Mystery Cure in history.

Alright so MLP Season 3 finale is just a couple days away. Unlike those who are choosing to burn through their brown pants over Twilight becoming an Alicorn, I am really excited to see how it pans out (especially since I called this plot twist at the end of Season 2 thank you).

So this is a little parody teaser poster I threw together for the finale. Doing the "pictures inside letters" thing turned out to be *way* harder than it looked. Especially since I decided to just use pics from the finale (should I put a spoiler tag on this?) which made it more difficult in terms of pic selection. But overall I'm glad how it turned out.

Also linked to Equestria Daily (the actual MLP site's url is too long to put down there) and added the #IBelieveinMALarson hashtag to make it feel more like an authentic movie poster.

As for why I chose to parody the Zero Dark Thirty poster? I dunno, just felt right.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic copyright Hasbro, DHX Media, Studio B, Lauren Faust

Zero Dark Thirty copyright Columbia Pictures

"I Believe in M.A. Larson" coined by Pixelkitties.
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