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#630 Mandibuzz - Gotta draw'em all collab

By Ringo-Mikan
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For :icongottadrawemall:

I totally bit off more than I could chew with this. :'D
(Reference of a real vulture and a tutorial about drawing rocks were used. But rocks are still way too hard.)

Whenever I draw Pokemon stuff that's not related with my comics or any other fiction, I want to express my first impression on the thing I draw.

For Mandibuzz, my first impression of it was literally NOTHING, because I first played Pokemon White and it doesn't appear in the wild nor is it used by many trainers.
(Or at least I knew that a giant vulture queen Pokemon who dresses herself with bones seemed kinda scary, maybe.)

Then I got Black 2 just because I thought that I rather wanted to experience the version differences than feeling (unrelevantly) connected to the previous game's storyline.
Of course I never spoiled the gameplay for me, and when I got past that desert route by chance, on a fated Thursday, there she was, waiting there in the fences.
...Maybe the player is the scary one to her though, disturbing her well-earned vacation to the desert only every Thursday.
(And I'm well aware that I drew the Black1!player rather than Black2!player. Cuz I like Hilbert.)

So this is everything I know about Mandibuzz. Good bye. :'D
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I really like your drawing. At first I mistook this for digital art. I wish that I was this good.

In my opinion, Mandibuzz is a very beautiful pokémon. I know that sounds disgusting being that Mandibuzz is a vulture, but I don't care. I love their feather colors and how they use bones as jewelry. That is amazing.
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Thanks a lot!
It actually counts as digital art, since I drew it with a tablet and all!

Same. They are incredibly fashionable and brutal at the same time and I love it.
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This looks so intense!
The background is amazing and the sandstorm compliments the stressed out/ angry bird.
I don't think I would want to corner one like this. The Mandibuzz doesn't look amused :,D 
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Thank you!! ;w;
Now that I think about it, this place seems like a nice habitat for a vulture Pokemon~
But you have your strong Pokemon allies to support you!! 
(Still, we wouldn't want her to unleash her anger on us...)
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this is amazing :faint:
the scene is really really great!
and awesome background!
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It looks awesome! This pose and rocks are really great! : D
And wings... I love those wings *-*
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Thanks!! :'D
Wings are strength and grace in one. :U 
I had a lot fun draw them <3
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There's always that one Pokemon. For me, it was Hawlucha from X and Sigilyph from BW1. I honestly thought the games were glitched the first time I saw them. Damn near dropped my 3DS, too...
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Haha, I totally understand!
What's with those abnormal Flying types anyway?! XD
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Idk, but for some weird reason, they eventually become my favorites.
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Love this~
The feeling of this picture is really great. It reminds me of the breeders or keepers who take care of the endangered animals in captivity playing keep away from the human XD
The pose and image overall is amazing, especially with the touch of the sand storm :D
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Thank you!! ;w;
Yeah, but the animals (Pokemon?) who are taken care of are more hostile than thankful to those humans.
Especially at the capture, being like "SCREECH!!! (WHAT ARE YOU FUCKIN DOIN HERE, HUMAN?!)"
Sandstorms are so interesting to draw and create great atmosphere!! But they're so inconvenient, in-game and irl. OTL
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Damnnnn, that poooooose! And the wing details! And the expression! ;A;
The scenery with the rocks and flying sand and feathers looks gorgeous, too. And I can't express how much I love this clever incorporation of a scene from the game. <333
Thanks for your contribution!
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Thanks!! ;w;
I'm glad that I was able to try a lot of new things in this pic!
All the details and bg and the pose were sure a challenge tho. X'D
I love the games, so I needed to draw sth directly related to it~
No prob! I had a lot of fun with this~
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Wow this looks great! :'D
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Boah :D
This is amazing! <3
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this looks great ^^
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this is beautiful 

poor *goes to look up that Pokemon* *comes back* Mandibuzz 

now I noticed Mandibuzz was in the hashtag lol 
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Thanks! :'D

Haha, I needed to do that as well. I couldn't remember whether Mandibuzz was the big vulture or the little vulture. XD

In the tags, and in the title. ;3
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oh sorry it's 5 am and I should really be a sleep I have to go to a BBQ at noon today 
4th of July here in the states.
so I wasn't really paying attention to the title or hashtages just the amazing art work, well done. 
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