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Burning Licorice

EDIT: I am in need of funds for an important trip, and therefore am opening commissions for this manga shading style, limited to  headshot ($10) to halfbody ($20).  Please note me for more details! I  would gladly answer all and any questions  (●´∀`●)ノ I would truly  appreciate it if you can help me out by commissioning me or by spreading the words. :)

BW/Monochrome complete commission information >

Something I did back in January, I've always wanted to draw Madame Red. This sketch would suffice for now, hopefully I'll have the opportunity to draw her properly someday.
Please don't reupload on tumblr, reblog this

instead =)

My other works:
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Commission Info

:above: :above: :above: :above: :above: :above:

If you're in the
same fandom as me (currently in love with Kuroshitsuji, DRRR!! and
FREE!) please don't hesitate to drop by and talk to me :la::heart:
You can also find me on:

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LadyBelleMichaelis's avatar
This is gorgeous!!!  Spot on!  I love the way you shaded her skin, making her look unearthly and cold and yet beautiful and elegant.  <3
AlwysbCreative's avatar
beautiful, love the pop of red with the black! Great job my friend! Madame Red is a very pretty character! ^^
rinfiora's avatar
Yes she is! *^* My favorite female character in Kuro, too bad she died far too soon :'
Thank you so much for your feedback! :heart:
AlwysbCreative's avatar
yeah....*cries* and you are so totally welcome my friend! Huggle! 
Cool picture. Btw are you interested in making a manga?
rinfiora's avatar
Thank you! :)
I'd love to do doujinshi in the future but right now I am not interested in doing manga for clients. :)
When you are interested send me a message. Do you gave one or many styles of drawing anime/manga character?
Ankelwar's avatar
Very nice work! :love:
rinfiora's avatar
Thank you very much! :heart:
KaoriMika's avatar
Damn this is awesome!!! *^*
I love Kuroshitsuji and she's definetly one of my favourite characters!
Actually I'm cosplaying her! 
Your art is really really awesome! Good job!
rinfiora's avatar
Yesss, Madame Red is just too damn awesome! Thank you so much for leaving a comment <3
Particularly in the most recent Musical! I just love how Akane LIV portray her ( :heart: __ :heart: )

Whooaaa best of luck with your cosplay! I'm sure it'll turn out damn great *^*
KaoriMika's avatar
Yeah she's just great!!
You're welcome and you deserved one :)

Thank you and I hope so!:D
MoSdurarara's avatar
XD just by looking at this i have learned something XD your work is awesome
rinfiora's avatar
I'm really glad to hear that!
I just realized that your username has a "durarara" on it X)

Thank you very much! :heart:
MoSdurarara's avatar
hehe yeep I like durarara a lot XD and u welcome 
rinfiora's avatar
me toooooooo! XD
Always excited for new episodes to come out every week! *u* :heart:
MoSdurarara's avatar
yeaah me too XD I want to see what Mikado will do next and also masaomi 
G4MM43T4's avatar
straight up beautiful
rinfiora's avatar
Thank you so much! :heart:

rinfiora's avatar
Thank you so much!! :heart:
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