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This journal will talk mostly about personal stuff and Kuroshitsuji!
Several days ago I just came back from my two-weeks stay in Tokyo, experiencing one of the best things of my life; for Kuroshitsuji Musical: Lycoris that Blazes the Earth 2015, which was performed in the 赤坂ACTシアター (Akasaka ACT Theatre). I'm so happy! If you're more interested to read a written report on how the Lycoris 2015 rerun went, you can read it on my livejournal post instead.

I've been in love with the Kuroshitsuji Musicals since 2010 where I started with the original run of "The Most Beautiful DEATH in the World", and five years after that, finally I could go to Tokyo to watch my babies live ;u; The decision to go was actually quite sudden, I could not keep my mind off of Lycoris 2015 as soon as they officially announced a re-run. It was quite a rollercoaster for me as I have never gone abroad all by myself, to a country I barely speak the language of, but I had never been more grateful to myself for making this decision. I also have Valinya to endlessly thank, as without her I would have never gotten the S seat early, and she's just super super kind the whole time and also during our times spent in Tokyo (exploring the streets of Shibuya at night, going to the ACT theatre one week early, taking pictures doing the PHOENIX pose and have all of the Myu casts passed by us while we're acting all dumb. It was all somehow still felt so surreal XD).

I will be forever sad that I could not make it while Matsushita Yuya still holds the role of Sebastian. But I have absolutely no complaints; as we have an amazing actor in his place; Furukawa Yuta. How good he is onstage as Sebastian? Yana-sensei’s words express it better than I ever will;

“My own personal feeling was that Furukawa has been the first to be able to play Sebastian as really demonic.  I take care to draw Sebastian with the idea that he should feel inhuman, so I was very impressed that he captured that interpretation in a human form [...] Furukawa’s Sebastian is very elegant and beautiful, but all the while there is a feeling that there’s something terrifying and monstrous about him, so this is a Sebastian that’s definitely not human.” --Yana Toboso's blog post [full translation]

If Yana-sensei's words don't convince you on how amazing Yuta's Sebastian is, I don't know what will.

As for Nayuta Fukuzaki, who reprises his role as Ciel, also had improved so significantly it's almost difficult to compare him to his 2014 performance. I quote Yuya's words from the 2014 during the final curtain call;

 "He's the youngest Ciel we've had for these performances, playing Ciel at that age must be really difficult. Even most adults would probably struggle with that role. But he really came through for us. It's not easy for a 13 year-old to keep their focus through 34 performances. But I really thought he was amazing" --Matsushita Yuya, referring to Fukuzaki Nayuta as Ciel (translation from Jane-Doe subs)

And it was directed for Nayuta in the Lycoris 2014.

In this year's re-run of Lycoris, Fukuzaki Nayuta had outdone himself playing the Young Master Ciel. He had grown so much in a span of just one year. I truly appreciate his effort in portraying a very complex character such as Ciel. I had rambled quite a lot about how amazing Nayutan had grown in my livejournal post so if you're interested in reading it please refer to that post instead ^q^

All in all, I am so moved by this year's Kuroshitsuji Musical. I could never be more grateful to have been granted the opportunity to watch this masterpiece in person.

my babies SebaCiel  LQ by rinfiora
SEBASTIAN & CIEL (Furukawa Yuta & Fukuzaki Nayuta):
One of the images in the Lycoris 2015 Pamphlet (my favorite among all of the gorgeous photos) scanned and cleaned by me. Do not repost to any sites without proper sourcing.

Stair View Akasaka Act by rinfiora
The majestic view of the Kuromyu poster in the Akasaka ACT Theater.

12274756 1726420757589458 6391514753577219609 N by rinfiora

C360 2015-11-24-17-57-42-459 by rinfiora
Fans who come to watch Kuromyu; with smiles in their faces and a skip in their steps.
It was a heartwarming experience for me.

C360 2015-11-24-17-57-16-018 by rinfiora
Everyone, and I mean, everyone, stopped to take a picture of this majestic poster on the ACT theatre entrance from the Akasaka Station.

I also have my amazing commissioners to thank, your commissions and support truly helped me. I am sorry I am always so slow TvT I will try my best to finish everything now that I'm back from Tokyo ^o^

To those who have entrusted me with their Kuromyu merchandise orders, they'll be on the way to you soon once I get a quote on price on shipping ;D These are the images of the gorgeous merchandise I got including from those who ordered from me.

Assorted 3 by rinfiora
Madame Red & Grell Set A Clearfiles, pretty bag charms and unopened random can badge <3
Bagcharm by rinfiora
Bagchaaaarms <3

Assorted by rinfiora

Pamph 1 by rinfiora  Pamph 2 by rinfiora
Lycoris 2015 (above) & 2014 (below) Pamphlet!

Clearfiles by rinfiora
Clearfile Sets <3

Pamph+visualb 20142015 by rinfiora
My treasures. These pamphlets and visual books are super gorgeous.


cielbby 1 LQ by rinfiora

Sebastian cande LQ by rinfiora

I have scanned some pages of my pamphlet and visual books and they could be found at my tumblr account:

Remember: Do not repost to any sites without proper sourcing.

If you also enjoy Kuroshitsuji Musical, please support the production in any way you can 8D
Purchasing the DVDs/BluRay is an excellent way to show your support >__< Kuromyu Lycoris 2015 rerun had opened its pre-order by the way! ^q^
[ ]

Blu-ray | DVD

Thank you!

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