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Rock Star Chapter Two
Chapter Two
"Stop!" Talia cried.
"What now..." Will grumbled.
"I'm sorry, but this time it was me, okay, Will?" Talia said. "If you dont like the fact that I want this album to be awesome, then you can leave!"
"Sorry, geez!" Will said, rolling his eyes and turning his back toward her so he was facing Trent on the drums. Trent shrugged his shoulders.
Everyone had been feeling tense that day, partly because they had stayed up late the night before, but mostly because they were appearing on Total Request Live later in the day, and they still needed to do some recording. Talia seemed worst of all. Everything that went wrong during recording, she stopped immediately and started over. "Can we start at the beginning of the chorus again?" she asked Jeff through the intercom.
Jeff had his head hung low and he was rubbing one of his temples. His headache didnt help ease the pain of his broken nose. Neither did Talia's nagging. "Sure ting, one bore tibe." he said. "Den we gotta get you rea
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Full Sized Monty Python by rinean1224 Full Sized Monty Python :iconrinean1224:rinean1224 15 8 Monty Python for Banay by rinean1224 Monty Python for Banay :iconrinean1224:rinean1224 1 5
Phoenix Saga Part II
Phoenix Rose
As far as Rinean could tell, the wind wasn't going to die down any time soon. She was still getting used to the high breezes of Chicago, but other than the pesky wind, she loved it. There was plenty of prey here.
She had adopted the rooftop of an old apartment complex as her perch, where she sat gazing and waiting for the next unsuspecting person to walk toward the dark alley below. She soon had a chance; a blonde teenage girl was apparently taking a shortcut to get home from a long study session at the library across the street. Rinean raised herself to the ledge along the roof, preparing to jump the mere four stories to the ground.
The girl edged nearer and nearer to the shadows… then a blue convertible drove up beside her, full of chattering teenagers. Rinean hissed in anger as the girl accepted a ride from her friends and jumped in, but her anger faded quickly. A shiver crept its way down her spine, but she knew this feeling well. This was the sensation of anoth
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Phoenix Saga Part I
Phoenix from the Ashes
Darkness fell onto the city, though one on the street wouldn't have noticed; the lights of New York were as brilliant as a newborn sun. The only place darkness dwelt was the top of buildings, and that was where she sat.
Wind blew fiercely here, tossing her trenchcoat back and whipping her black hair across her pale face. Darkness was the only place she was happy, but that wasn't saying much, since she couldn't go out into the sun anyway. She stood, the chains that adorned her rattling as she moved. Her flesh tingled as she felt her soon-to-be-next meal nearing.
More than twenty floors rested between her and the street below, or rather, the dark alley. Her eyes flashed gold in the moonlight; her eyes became as a cat's, and her now slit pupils darted toward the ground. She jumped, landing as gracefully and as silently as a tiger, but she became a predator of a different jungle. She turned to see the face she had expected to be her terror-stricken victim. Ins
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Rock Star Chapter 1
Chapter One
January 3rd, 2:00 pm
Dear Diary~
So here we are in New York and it's so beautiful.  Snow, deer, everything is perfect.  Our cabin happens to be our studio, which is oh-so-convenient.  Recording is fun, but its also a lot of hard work. Talia's made us re-do "Bleeding" three times today from the beginning and still isn't to her liking.  I'm so exhausted.  I made one of the boys give me a mini-massage, and I swear that my wallet is missing now-no, wait, its in my backpack. Nevermind. Will just pointed it out to me. Hmm. That's what I love about Will. He's always a help (though sometimes a little stubborn and obnoxious) but he's really a sweetie and--

"'--I can't help but like him.' Aww, how sweet, Della's got a crush on-"
"Oh, shit, Renee, put it back, she's coming in here!"
Della came around the corner into the girl's bedroom in complete cluelessness as to what the girls had just been doing. "Hey, I was just work
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Taken at the Wrong Time by rinean1224 Taken at the Wrong Time :iconrinean1224:rinean1224 1 11 -Trent-n-Will- by rinean1224 -Trent-n-Will- :iconrinean1224:rinean1224 2 11 -Will-n-Della-Colored- by rinean1224 -Will-n-Della-Colored- :iconrinean1224:rinean1224 1 7 -Will-n-Della- by rinean1224 -Will-n-Della- :iconrinean1224:rinean1224 0 13 Give me assmeats by rinean1224 Give me assmeats :iconrinean1224:rinean1224 14 16 Torn Dresses by rinean1224 Torn Dresses :iconrinean1224:rinean1224 1 8 Oogie's Boys-Downfall by rinean1224 Oogie's Boys-Downfall :iconrinean1224:rinean1224 17 13 Talia Sketchie by rinean1224 Talia Sketchie :iconrinean1224:rinean1224 1 5 Who Am I by rinean1224 Who Am I :iconrinean1224:rinean1224 1 15


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United States
Current Residence: Where the old farts are
Favourite genre of music: Rock
Wallpaper of choice: mine.
Skin of choice: Yours.
Favourite cartoon character: Too many. To think and choose would cause a brain malfunction.
Personal Quote: If you are what you eat, I could be you by morning.
Well, I may not be around very much, but its nice to know that SOME people dont forget about me. :hug: I'm not really angry, just a little upset that I cant go on here for long periods at a time. But I'll survive.

I'm thinking that maybe I wont use this screen name anymore if I do get a chance to come back. If I get a new one, I'll be sure to notify a select few of the change. And the change is slightly in part to the fact that all the stuff that is currently posted is crap beyond measure. My new stuff kicks the ass off this shit. Anyway, I'm sure you arent actually reading my pathetic ramblings, so I'll go now.


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