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Tomorrow going you know

My boys went to the National Junior Robotics Challenge yesterday almost got to the top 60 except for some error in the programming of their car, one time, their robots wont go up on the plank properly and stops at the bump in the road, and another, the parts completely fell apart while on the 2nd mission and many a times, the battery failed them at the most wrong times, I hope they had fun though though I doubt that talking to the P about it would be a walk in the park, he's known to be a very demanding SOB

BUT anyways, coming back to the picture, the macdonalds in the Singapore Science Center, the place where the challenge was held, had a HUGE display of all the free toys that they give out through the years from their happy meals. I could spot out some fortune dragons from the 1980's even ... imagine what the entire display would cost
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Oh Wow!! Gotta go there when I'm free le.. Heehee~ i could remember the dragons too! ;P
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holycrap that's awesome!!
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you think so? hehehe ... mostly its nostalgia when I look at them because I used to have them, but I didnt think about keeping them as vintage items because they are too darned common and ordinary!! They would cost quite a bit now. Damn ..should have kept some.
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yeah! you should've kept some...i would buy em :D
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kermit the frogg!!!!!!!
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hey i can see the collection of barbies!
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Nice. Wld be better if it was taken at a more centered position. The light on top is a tad distracting.
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ooOOoohh freakin cool toys... 8)
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