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Cloudy Collectiveness

At park near temple

I love this one because it's got so may differnt places that your eyes jump to: flower, the bright light seeping through the leaves, and the bee.

*Cropped for better viewing
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Hi. I write to my Dreamwife sometimes. I wrote about my dizzy Feeling at this Time. I am sad, yeah. And i need much Love every Day and i dont get Love. I have to be more masculin i think, i dont know.. Please help me to find out. I think im ok, im a good husband.
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So, are you married, or are you just in love? That's so sweet! ♥

Do you speak German better than English? That's so cool...! ^_^
I'm German too, but only a little, and i don't speak German at all.

"more masculin"? Well, I'm sure you are more masculin than you think; how old are you?
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Im not married but i wanted to be married with Kerstin a long time ago. Im in Love, sure, but she dont need me and i want a real family and all that. You know, i want own Children and fuzzy evenings together and all that but she dont.

Yes i speak German better but English is a very very important Language i have to know. But i can speak about everything and sure sometimes i dont know some words when i hear it. So i can speak english just 50 Percent.. i know thats not much BUT i can speak the words very good and it sounds like american and so.

You are also German? Thats so cool. :)

I dont really know what masculin is.. but i dont think a want to .. be.. that. I like it to be softly and feminin.

I am 28 years old and you?

Thank you for that Talking, it feels good becouse im in love and im happy to speak with a person like you.
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How old is Kerstin, she sounds like someone that is really worth it for you to still be in love with her.

Why is English so important to you? Isn't Kerstin German like you? or do you need to speak English for school or a job or somthing?

Yup, I'm German, but i don't speak or write much. ^_^ Anything that i send to you in german i've had the help of a translator.

ha ha! I was just using the word "masculin" because you said you WANTED to be more masculin in the last message.
But i know what you mean, i have a friend like you at school, he likes "cute" things alot ^_^

You're very welcome! I'm happy to help!
peaceflowerpictures's avatar
Kerstin is 21 years old since February. She is my Dreamwife, i dreamed a lot about her and she is so crazy like me. So lovely and natural. She is not like the other Girls on the World.. i hope.

Kerstin is also German, yes. But i think English is very important for everything in Future to speak with the World and so on.

I think Kerstin dont love me really and i have to stop this Love Story becouse it makes me too sad and my life is grew and hopeless. Thats not fair.
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What makes kerstin so different from other girls other than her beauty and great personality?

Does she make you feel happy?

I agree, beging able to connect with others by language is important. ^_^ I've been learning alittle French myself.
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Kerstin is so cute and herself. She dont copy someone and knows what she want. She have the magic of Art in her Blood and i want to make everything with her together (She talks with me what whe could draw and so on). I dont know her to this time really.. i dont know what she want really. I hope she wants me and i wait for her. I dont know what is good or bad what i do. I hope she simply loves me so. Her personality is Kerstin and i dont know what she thinks about everything i sayd to her.. she dont give me answers and im alone and i see photos from her with other people. I dont know you know?

She dont make me feel happy to this time. I dont know what she want and i feel like a unknown idiot who have nobody.

Yes English is a good choice. I think french is not so important but when you have fun with it...
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Wow! She sounds cool! Does she have a Deviant Art acount? I wanna see some of her work now! ♥
Ha, and yes... i know exactly how you feel. I'm going through the same thing with a guy i like. But, unlike you, i'm too shy to talk to him, so we don't talk as much as you and Kerstin... ^_^

If you've aknowlaged that she's making you feel the emotion of unhappiness, why do you still like her?

I agree - i don't think French is needed much either. i just took it because my mom wanted me to... >_>
but, yes, it is actually kinda fun ^_^
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mir ist grad so eklig schwindelig kerstin. Bitte befreie mich davon.
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Alright, i finally know a little of what you wrote, i've been taking classes, but this still dosn't make sense...
"I am so disgusting degree kerstin dizzy. Please deliver me from"

here... do you understand this?
Könnt ihr mich versteh'n? Bist du traurig?
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I'm sorry, i don't know what your writing. What language is this...? ^_^
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