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KP: Shego the Genie

If Shego was a genie...

...I would turn it into a Kim/Shego comic anyway. XD

Gee, Shego looked like Princess Jasmine from Disney's Aladdin in this drawing. ^_^;

Thanks to Pesterfield from KP Slash Forum for the Shego as a genie idea. Shego's line was actually inspired by him as well. I can't remember the whole line but I'm sure it was something like this in the pic.

Kim Possible, Ron Stoppable and Shego (Kim Possible) © Disney, Bob Schooley & Mark McCorkle.
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You weren't holding the lamp, Ron! Nod 
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 I want a fic on this so badly 
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Shego and Mistress Kim 😍😍😍😍
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I am 8000% ok with this.
KP *whispers* "I wish for you to be mine forever."
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God this is awesome, wish there was more to it though could be an interesting story ;)
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eleven years ago? I can't believe it.
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I love your art I got some questions also please awnser!

1.what do you use to draw?

2. How do you make them so good?!

3. Go you sketch them on paper or use a computer app for comics?

please awnser! Thankyou
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I LOVE THIS! And you gave me a small idea for a shego/kim fanfiction.
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Oh, Kimmie, don't you think it's a little presumptuous to assume genies in lamps aren't real after some of the *other* weird stuff you've run into?

In any case, I'm sure she'd gladly demonstrate just how real and physical she is. ;)
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I would like to point out that there is a FanFict called: Rubs Me Wrong, that explores what if Shego is a Genie.
Fun read.
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scariest genie ever...sexiest to!
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Want Shego to be my Genie. :(
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cute! XD I'm definitely liking Kigo now!
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It got a sweet ring to it... ^.^
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haha cute!!! me like!! ^_^
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King Solmon sealed the genies to save mankind but this not a three wish jin. She is a Barbra Eden looking for love one and will help kim avoid the classic mistakes while they snuggel in bed.
ToddnaVonEngel1031's avatar
Is that in the Torah? Cause Genies come from the word Jinn (which r arab folk demons) which is Arabic so I don't see how King Solmon has much to do with it since he Hebrew(not gonna argue religion just curious)
DukeAJS's avatar
No Ron you do not. Rufus maybe but you NO
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