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KP: No Touch

There are two reasons I drew this:
1) It was inspired by NoDrogs's Kim/Shego fanfic called A Small Possibility. Summary: After Kim got shot by Drakken's invention, Shego wanted to help...
2) It was a challenge issued by the author of that very same fanfic.

Kim Possible & Shego (Kim Possible) © Disney, Bob Schooley & Mark McCorkle.
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Figured Kim's mom and some geneticists came up with a DNA concoction of their chromosomes to create this lovely package for them.

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Drakken's invention could be pretty world-altering. These two are only the start.

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I absolutely agree with Shego. The idea of Shego being a protective 'father' is really amusing and cool. :3. :).
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They both need to eat for 3 here!
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Looks like Shego got a start of a belly! 
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Plus,  anything is possible because it's a K/P cartoon,  right ?
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I still don't get how they have a baby
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It's from a fanfic.
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I remember that fan fic!
I liked how Shego turned good!
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No touchie my Kimmie...
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Can't blame a guy for tryin'...
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My god that fanfic is one of my favorites
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Wow, I busted out laughing when I saw your ID name. you greet everyone with, "I'm the FuckinFucker, the founder of fuck. How can I fuck you today?"
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I love shego and kim it's sou cute :3 . I think Shego and kim is in love :)
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well i am pretty sure drakken never intended this to all happen but i think the truly positive side is this:
Kim got to know a whole sweeter side of Shego, a side no villain dares to reveal!
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I read the story. It was deeply moving. That picture was the image in my head, I saw these before I read it. It's amazing how wellyou were able to fit this to how the story was!
Heh, reminds me of "A Stitch In Time".

Shego: "No touchie my monkey!"

Awesome job.
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c': *happy tears* it's rly cute & sweet
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This is so cute and romantic!
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Wow... I've never even seen an episode of Kim Possible, but this is REALLY cute. :)
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