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KP: Kasy Ann and Sheki Go

Well, the colours didn't turn out the way I hoped but oh well. I still need some more work on drawing the twins. This is how I imagined Kasy and Sheki would look like as young children. I hope you can tell their personalities by the way they looked.

Kasy Ann Possible & Sheki Go Possible concept © NoDrogs.

Inspired by his fanfics series:
1) A Small Possibility
2) What I did during Kimmy's Graduation
3) Telling Times

Read them all when you have the time. :)
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omg i just found this and wow... i can finally put a face to the fanfic!

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This is adorable. I don't even care what the context for this is, it's that damn cute.
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They look so cute.
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that's adorable! 
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I still can't get over the fact that the twins both got Shego's plasma bolt ability... (sorry spoilers to those who have not read the story this is linked too) needs sequel. I knows it's an old story but still. Sequels are known to be made years later...
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You know, something that's always bothered me about Sheki... how the heck do you pronounce her name? Is it SHEE-kee or  sheh-KEE, or something else entirely? O_o
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Shego's daughter is just so precious! :D
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I know that. ^_^ i just think the one that looks like Shego far more precious. ^w^ *Meow* 
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XD just trying to joke around on my cousin's profile. He jokes around enough. But i'm a little kitty and I say meow! *meow*
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Cute kitty. I should feed it... to a dog!
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*meow* I kill meanies! *Scratches out your eyeballs*
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*meow* That's mean..... T_T *meow*
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SO ADORABLE! I'd want to hug them!

Up until they used their plasma powers. XD

Your style is so adorable and good! It makes me wonder how long it took you to get such good colors from Sai or Photoshop or whichever art program you used!
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Only Draken... That's all I have to say, only Draken...
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AAAAAWWWWWW, Kasy and Sheki look so cute and adorable !!! XD
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So.....has nodrogs stopped doing small possibilities works? because i dont really want it to and it feels like his projects were abandoned after the next generation possibles....and i really am hoping he has a second account
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They are so cute!
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This is SOOO what I imagine them looking like nice job
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may i ask which of the 2 kids has inherited Shego's powers?
because i read the fanfic over 3 times and still no signs.
i am guessing it could be Sheki go but i could be wrong
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The ones I've read have both of them inherited Shego's power.
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