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CSP: GL couples fun

I wasn't sure which category I should put this in. I mean it was drawn in pencils but then I added some colours in Photoshop. Since it looks more digital work than traditional, I put it in digital work.

Anyway, CSP stands for ClickStartPlay (it's a local forum messageboard). My sis made this BL (Boys Love) thread where she paired up the guys in the forum that she thinks are potential gay couples.... which kinda freaked a few guys in that forum. XD XD

But after a while, most of them just simply join the fun because none of them are real (or is it?...).

And then soon after that, someone made a GL (Girls Love) thread. I think it was kinda like a revenge... ^^;

These two are one of the victims for the GL thread, Ling and Ki-Chan. I've met Ki-Chan at the HobbyCon and my GOD! She was tall!!! Aww, too bad these two aren't real couples. XD XD

I wonder if they'd kill me for posting this here...
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This looks just like me and my Girlfriend!^-^
I look like the tall one with curly hair and she looks like the short one with straight hair.(:
im 5'9 and she is 5'1.(:
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No doubt,a cute couple! :D I´d like know:by chance Ki-Chan is the taller girl? :roll:
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Very beautiful and cute. great job on the poses.
TanukiTagawa's avatar
I agree with you! 8-)
Solitudefox's avatar
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Do a sequence!Or so,more pics with those characters! :D
DarkestDarkury's avatar
xD. Yet another strike in the war against Yaio! Great job soldier :p
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Awww! it's cute, even if it isn't real! XD :heart: This thread sounds fun! I'd be kicked out for throwing buckets of rainbow-y goodness on everyone! XD *throws bucket of rainbowy goodness on peoples in here*
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lovely drawing. It's as I had mentioned before, I'm all for lesbians.
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what about gay boys? o3o
MrDarksMayhem-C's avatar
Sorry, but I only do artwork on lesbians.
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:aww: Nicely Done!! :D :D
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It's adorable!! i love it ^^
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fortheloveofpizza's avatar
Awww, so sweet and cute. Too bad they're not a real couple! XD
La-Senorita-Sakaki's avatar
I love your artwork. its Awsome
TimidRaven's avatar
Aw! How cute!

I really do love your style. <3
Mareo-and-Anime's avatar
Ohh... Strangely, it's these types of moments that seem more romantic than just plain kisses...
LadyAnya-chan's avatar
Oh I adore this. You really did a fantastic job. So warm and tender.
FenrirWolfe's avatar
Fangirl-isms spreading out into the real world? Oh dear...

Though I've done the same exact thing before. <///< >///>
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