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First time vs. Old timer by rinacat, visual art

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Too many to list them all...
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Ratatouille, Wall-E, Frozen, Zootopia, Into the Spider-verse
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Just wanted to give a little status update. My country just recently had a drastic spike of increased number of covid cases in just a week and we're back to staying at home. My state received the worst blow. Info can be seen here: https://www.outbreak.my/ While the number doesn't look as bad as other countries, it's really bad for a relatively small country like ours. Went to do a swab test (just found out how expensive it is) last Friday, still waiting for results. I'm physically fine at the moment. I just couldn't help feeling stressed and worried. Comic/art updates will be slow but I'll try not to let the situation prevent me from drawing or let it lessen my motivation. Update 25th Oct 2020: I got my results for 1st and 2nd test, they're both negative. We had to take another test to confirm since the spread has gotten really bad in my state. I was a little sick for a few days and I won't lie, I was really worried. But at least now, I know it was just the regular flu and
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A little status update, gotten a bit sick for about a week (don't worry, just a fever that I usually get). The comic is gonna be really late, sorry about that. I hope you guys can wait a little longer until I recover. Still stuck at home but hopefully will be better next week. For a brighter news, the people at OVAS are dubbing my Puffs and Pofflés comic which will be up on the 16th May 2020. Be sure to check them out and their other works! Their channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3URZR6Xfu6vvvuUtQ0wk9w Also, friendly reminder to my patrons, if you ever need to cancel your subs because financial issues or any other reasons, do
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My country is under a movement restriction order effective today until 31st March. Update: Movement Restriction Order extended to 14th April. Update 10th April 2020: It's now called Movement Control Order and extended to 28th April. Most of us are working from home, myself included. Most shops are closed except for the most essential ones such as supermarkets/grocery stores, pharmacies, etc. As long as we don't panic or start hoarding stuff, we'll be all right. Still, be diligent and stay safe, everyone! Since my local game shop is closed, I won't be able to get my copy of Animal Crossing New Horizons anytime soon. But I've waited during the delay, I can wait another couple of weeks if things go well. For those who will be getting their copies, it's not too long now! Edit: Got my copy of Animal Crossing New Horizons! I'm so glad I didn't have to wait until next month to get it after all.
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Thoughts on the recent Smurfs series on Nickelodeon?

Nice comics you have! I'm Dani, I found you on twitter and love the work yo do, totally worth watching ^^!

Hey Rina. Have you seen the Owl house yet?

I have not. I hear a lot of good things about the show and Amphibia. I wanted to watch these shows whenever I have free time.

Got a busy social life ay? I understand. You should totally watch them. Disney channel is really being open to the LGBT community.

I've watched the dub on youtube, and I'm glad I did, otherwise I wouldn't have found your work!

I love your comic strips and art stye, you make the characters look SOOOO cute!!!! d>w<b

Keep up the amazing job, and I can't wait to see more of your work!!!

Hi! I just wanted to tell you how I absolutely love your artwork, especially your smurfs art. I think you're extremely talented, keep up the amazing work!