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WCS red carpet costumes

Mon Jun 29, 2015, 5:20 AM
Time for the last costume announcement from Team Denmark for the World Cosplay Summit 2015.
For the red carpet parade, we have chosen to bring our favorite sailor scouts; Sailor Uranus and Neptune from Sailor Moon.

Su-rine as  Sailor Uranus - Sailor Moon Crystal by xuweisen and me as  Sailor Neptune - Sailor Moon Crystal by xuweisen

Our costumes so far:
Sailor Soldiers by Su-rine

We adore these costumes and think they will be perfect for the event and comfortable to wear in the heat.

There is, of course, some things to be fixed on these costumes as well. I’m currently waiting for my new stilettos, since the last ones broke both their heels! (Shoes can be bought too cheap, I guess – but I’m not making that mistake again.)

WCS is slowly drawing closer, which means the nerves have set in for real. On the other hand, the realization that I’m part of team Denmark has hit me again. I can’t wait for this adventure to truly begin! :heart:

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Skin by Winyumi (modified by Rinaca-Cosplay)
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June 29, 2015


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