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Sweden x Finland emote

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It's Su-san and Finland~ :D

The timing's a bit off >_> *is too lazy to fix it now...*

Um... Please ignore Finland's retarded looking face >_> It sort of... Failed OTL

And Su-san is kind of hard to see because it's too dark... You can barely see his glasses at all OTL

I thought about adding Hanatamago, but it didn't work XD Maybe I'll make him his own emote XD (Shinatty-chan, too XD)

Anyways, it's Sweden/Berwald Oxenstierna (on the right, looking scary) and Finland/Tino Väinämöinen (on the left, looking scared) from Axis Powers Hetalia as emoticons.

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Hetalia © Hidekaz Himaruya
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fuzzydoqHobbyist General Artist
i swear this scene was the best thing and im so sad i can't remember the episode
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S-TRUDE-LHobbyist Artist

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Oblivionkeeper23Hobbyist Digital Artist
may i post this on my tumblr? i will give you credit
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Hetalia-G8Hobbyist General Artist
Aww! So cute! To be honest, I don't think Sweden's that scary. He's kinda hot actually…
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I do think the general consensus is something along those lines.
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There's no plz account for them....
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I know, I'm lazy ;u;
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And that's okei! ((Because I am, too -w-))
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amitoxiHobbyist General Artist
jkonsdijn all these icons. <3 :D
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Thank you! c:
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amitoxiHobbyist General Artist
np!! <3
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loloheHobbyist Artist
I spoke to soon!
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SpoxxyHobbyist Digital Artist
Finland emote: *smiling* *turns* *srs faec* *omg face* *turns* *smiling again*

Su-san emote: *blank stare* m'wife.
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Very srsly.
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SpoxxyHobbyist Digital Artist
Finland is like, a big bag of sappy emotions and Sweden is just....scary. XD
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...I love you
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\o/ awawa I love this!
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XD Thanks~ C:
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Your emotes = win :heart: :heart:
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XD Thanks~
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I just realized that Finland in Finnish is Suomi, so really they're both Su-san. :O But whatever. I love Finland's expression XDD And Sweden's just like... *glasses gleam*
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But he's only Su-san because it's Japanese... Otherwise he'd be what... Swe-san? Doesn't work so well... XD And Finland seems to be more of a "chan", anyways... XD
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