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Spain emote

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MoeAngelChimera Traditional Artist
Looks like a Christmas tree...
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PuertoRicoChan5011Student Artist
You should so make a America one!!!
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:iconmeplz::iconsaysplz:Stop eating, you're going to explode. :noes:
:iconyayspainplz::iconsaysplz:I DON'T CARE!!
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TealangelStudent Writer
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TealangelStudent Writer
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JutsikaStudent Digital Artist
er....aren't Canada and America brothers ? y do they have a different family name?
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I think Hetalia "relations" only have the same last name if they're actually part of the same country now.
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JutsikaStudent Digital Artist
Ok i understand now thanks ;)
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xianme1118Hobbyist Digital Artist
Epic win!
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Haha, thanks~
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hey,more spanish don't like tomatoes...but yes,in hetalia...yes
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Who cares about real people as long as it's true in Hetalia? I'm going to guess that the majority of Spanish people are certainly not averse to tomatoes, with many who do love them, as is true wherever you are, regardless of the country. Spanish cooking does include a lot of tomatoes, though, hence the character's liking for them.
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umm whats the plz for this icon? I love it!

*Kyuubi-Aika has teh Spanish blood~
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:iconspainemoteplz: and it should end up as :iconspainemoteplz:~

Very late reply orz
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he has two surnames, not a middle name. People in Spain have two surnames : D
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Is that it? Well, I learned something new, then :D But then there's still Egypt and America having a middle initial but no name...
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Burning-EarthStudent Digital Artist
Looks like munchin' on popcorn at a movie theatre.
Oh, do you think you could make a Switzerland emote?
....I luvs him..=3=
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Yes, I will... Eventually... >_> Right now I just can't think of what the rest would all do D: Switzerland would have a gun, but what would he do with it? And how would I show that? >_>
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-stares at Marg--- er, Rin's emotes-

HAY. You skipped Ciel D:
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I know... What is he supposed to do, though? Drink tea? Yell at Sebastian?
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