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He has teh eyebrows. So acknowledge him! XD

For anyone who doesn't know, The Principality of Sealand (not to be confused with Sea World XD) is a micronation, a small artificial island, formerly a WWII fort, off the coast of England. Area claimed is 550 m2. And obviously, not recognized as a country by any other country. Wikipedia

They have a Facebook, too : D [link]

And if you want, you can become a noble of Sealand for only 19.99 pounds : D [link]

Um... I couldn't think of anything else for the animation D: And the timing's a bit off >_> And the "e"s bother me because they have to be so big compared to the other letters...

So... Who should I make next? I guess I should do China, but I can't think of anything besides waving around a wok, and that might look a bit odd... And would probably just look like a frying pan >_> Maybe I should start making Kuroshitsuji ones...

Anyways, it's Sealand/Peter Kirkland from Axis Powers Hetalia as an emoticon : D

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Hetalia © Hidekaz Himaruya
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free icon :P 
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I knew Sealand was the child of Britain/Arthur.
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Thank you!
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hypergirlniraniStudent General Artist
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Pff what. XD
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hypergirlniraniStudent General Artist
I <3 SeaLand~.... And rp as him!
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Ah~ -RPs Turkey |D-
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hypergirlniraniStudent General Artist
Lol. I dunno much about him yet, 'cept that he wears a cool mask.
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He's epic CB And sexy |D :iconsexyturkeyplz:
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Uhh... Thanks? XD
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I love Sealand XDD This would make an amazing plz account.
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It could be "acknowledgemeplz" XD Or I could make it match what I'm naming the other ones if I ever get around to making them and just have it be "sealandemoteplz"... Ugh, I have to go make new/try to remember old email addresses... Since there's 15 of these, that's... Five emails? D: *dies*
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I think the acknowledgeme one is a bit easier to remember. :3 And wow, that's kind of a pain. >.>
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But if it matches the rest that would make it easier (if anyone would ever actually use them...)
Well, someday I'll make it XD
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