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IT'S AWESOME PRUSSIA! Laughing at you...

And, of course, Gilbird (or whatever its name is...)

Plz account: :iconprussiaemoteplz:

Um... I couldn't resist adding the "Niyoniyoni~" thing after seeing episode 24 XD

Anyways, it's Prussia/Gilbert Weillschmidt from Axis Powers Hetalia as an emoticon~

EDIT:I noticed his eyebrows were coming off his face :"D And the top of Gilbird's head (one pixel XD) got chopped off... So, fixed those~

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Hetalia © Hidekaz Himaruya
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Lunar-SnowsHobbyist General Artist
did he just say ni-
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rosebeauty4uHobbyist Traditional Artist
:iconyayprussiaplz: Yasssssss
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f0xbuttHobbyist Digital Artist
if only you'd put his signature laugh
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WhiteAngelWolf1Hobbyist Writer
OH! It's Gilbird on his head! I thought it was a crown XD
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Yep, it is indeed Gilbird. (But it could be Gilbird being a crown...)
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:iconexplodelaplz: EXPLODING WITH AWESOME!!
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motochikagraciaStudent Artist
should have put im awesome in it too :D
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PastaPonyHobbyist General Artist
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art4life217Student General Artist
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Thank you! ;D
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art4life217Student General Artist
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TheAwesomeMeerkatStudent Writer
Eeeee, how do I use this in a post? Love it <3
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By typing :iconprussiaemoteplz:, which ends up looking like :iconprussiaemoteplz:. Alternatively, since you have a subscription, you can use it in journals or deviation author comments by posting the thumb code. (Which can be found in the details section to the right of the deviation.)
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mymeloStudent General Artist
:icondummywooplz: I LOVE THIS :iconyayprussiaplz:
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Thank you!
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:iconprussiaemoteplz: <--- :heart:
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infinitytwice Photographer
this just made my day. XD
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Haha, glad you like it XD
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Haha thanks~ XD
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