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And finally, it's Luddy~ Took me long enough, considering he's my favorite character X'D (I'd make Sweden next, but what would he do? Just look scary?)

The left hand is supposed to be pointing... But it just looks like he's touching his face orz...

And it drinks beer, of course~ Eating wurst just looks... Awkward...

Anyways, it's Germany/Ludwig from Axis Powers Hetalia as an emoticon~ Why is it that he's the only character that doesn't have a last name? Every other character that has a name has a last name, so why not him?

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Hetalia © Hidekaz Himaruya
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MoeAngelChimera Traditional Artist
He looks like he's drinking coffee. XD
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DonutPadHobbyist Digital Artist
Germany emote 
its here
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DeadHedgehogStudent General Artist
why is the german emote angry?
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Tornado2423Professional Artist
because rin8 is put angry
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Germany00Professional Traditional Artist
Soooooo cute!!
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Thank you!
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According to the Hetalia Archives,
Ludwig's last name is Beilschmidt.
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Is there an official source, though?

I haven't really been in the fandom for the last few years, so I don't know for sure, but at that point he had no canonical last name. And looking at that article, it looks like a bunch of the names listed are fandom names, not official ones.
WarriorCatsFTW's avatar
The creator said we could choose the rest, really. And I think we just kinda adapted Beilschmidt as his last name.
WarriorCatsFTW's avatar
His and Prussia's last names are Beilschmidt.
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I'm not really siding with anyone on the theories or rumors about Germany's last name, but after dropping the "Human Names" idea from Hetalia, didn't Himaruya-san say that the fans should feel free to choose whatever names for the characters?
I remember him saying something like that, or whatever :iconidkplz:
I can't really say because I don't remember where I heard it from anymore :iconamericapuppydogpoutp:
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Something like that. He gave up on giving official names years ago. (And then when he posted some fan suggested names on his blog, people thought he was giving new ones, but nope.)
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People only give him Prussia's last name just to give him a last name. The real reason he doesn't have a last name is, well, not a reason? Hidekaz Himaruya said when he gave out the list of human names that Germany did not have a last name for "Certain Reasons we will find out later." Holy Roman Empire? Maybe. But we will certainly find out eventually, and it will be AHMAZING. Btw, this is SUPER AWESOME.
Rin8's avatar
We'll probably never find out now, seeing as he gave up on human names years ago. But then again, who knows?

Thank you! :-D
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skrollmonHobbyist Filmographer
ludwig beilschmidt? because of his brother, maybe? :/
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Just because they're brothers doesn't mean they have the same last name, though. The Italy brothers do, because they're the same country, but America and Canada don't. And with Prussia/Germany's convoluted history, who knows?
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skrollmonHobbyist Filmographer
but this would be possible xD beilschmidt
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dbzaphluverHobbyist Digital Artist
I heard that Ludwig doesn't have a last name is because the "founder" of the Holy Roman Empire (just to prove that Germany = HRE is true!) was named "Ludwig" and didn't have a last name.
.... as i write this, i see that this is from 09.... and your question has probably been answered...but whateves. ovo

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StrawberryBonBonsHobbyist Traditional Artist
ahaha,so cute, i love germany~
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Thank you! ;D
StrawberryBonBons's avatar
StrawberryBonBonsHobbyist Traditional Artist
no probs, its so cute!
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PastaandWurstStudent Writer
This amuses me to absolutely no end. I love it!
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Glad you like it! ;D
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