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England emote

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It has eyebrows. And it drinks tea. Well, I think it needs more eyebrow. But I'm too lazy to fix it now :P And the mouth should probably do something, but I don't know what orz

I kind of want to do these for the rest of the characters, too...

The genius ideas I get at 1 am OTL And I realized Photoshop comes with a program you can make these with OTL

Anyways, it's supposed to be Arthur Kirkland (England) from Axis Powers Hetalia as an emoticon.

EDIT: I gave it bigger eyebrows XD And I made the hand switch directions when the hand gets to the mouth, so it looks more realistic... (If you can call that realistic XD) And I made him drink tea longer.

EDIT 2: I got rid of the last frame so his "arm" doesn't appear to reach out freakishly far...

EDIT 3: I realized there's a random dot on it, so I fixed that... And the plz account: :iconenglandemoteplz:

EDIT 4: Fixed a lot of random things, like the color, the hand, etc., now that I get how to make these more XD (Now to update the plz account...)

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Hetalia © Hidekaz Himaruya
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deathgirlmorgaineProfessional General Artist
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Hunter-ReHobbyist Traditional Artist
how do you use that one do you just type:england:??
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You type :iconenglandemoteplz: c:
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pammazolaHobbyist Traditional Artist
lol, I love all your emoticons!
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CookiezftwStudent Interface Designer
i just relized tht looks like me wen i drink tea o.o
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...Well, anyone drinking tea usually drinks it much like the next person.
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CookiezftwStudent Interface Designer
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CookiezftwStudent Interface Designer
Iggy: slurp, slurp, slurp *has to go pee*
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Thank you!
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CookiezftwStudent Interface Designer
ur welcome :D
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StrawberryLatte12Hobbyist General Artist
This one is one of my favorites out of your APH emotes. The animation is smooth, and you can clearly tell that it's England (obviously because of the eyebrows and tea). Good job! cx
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red-hoodz101Hobbyist Traditional Artist
What is he doing with the teacup? o_O and why is their an endless amount of tea there~? XD
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...Well, he's a proper English gentleman (sometimes), so he needs his tea :I Just look at his teacup [link]
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red-hoodz101Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Mmmm,that is one smexy teacup~! (not really paying attention on the teacup,but the holder of the teacup himself) Well,I understand they need to drink tea,but...doesn't he have to "GO" after all that tea~? XD
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D ;
pub~BU AND GO~!
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Confused.. How do you use emotes? O_o
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Well, there are a few I've made plz accounts for, like :iconenglandemoteplz:, but for the most part you'll only be able to use them in chats by posting the thumb codes... Or MSN or whatever by saving them, although I don't remember precisely how that works...
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jankisu02Student Artist
Oh this is just adorable! :meow:
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XD Thank you~ :"D
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jankisu02Student Artist
you're welcome..:aww:
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