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China emote aru

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After a long discussion with :iconmenomi: about what China should be doing, we finally remembered that rice is rather important to Chinese people... But eating it everyday, sometimes for more than one meal, can cause you to forget it, I guess XD Chi yan le D: (Please ignore that last sentence, thank you ^^ Um, and don't let my grandma know D: )

Looking at it now, though, it sort of looks like instant ramen or something like that >_>

If you were to zoom in (please don't >_> ) you would be able to see that he has a very bad chopstick holding position D:

So, finally the last of the allies is done XD After making the rest all first OTL (The only one made before I finished all the rest of the allies was Japan D: )

And now that I've done Asian countries (Still have a few to do, but I'm working on them...), it's time for the Nordics, I guess XD

And yes, I used the same base as Rome. (Although it was originally intended for China XD) And Hong Kong, too... So they all match : D *shot*

Anyways, it's China/Wang Yao from Axis Powers Hetalia as an emoticon.

Other APH emotes:
England/Arthur Kirkland
England/Arthur Kirkland Version 2
France/Francis Bonnefoy
Japan/Kiku Honda
America/Alfred F. Jones
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North Italy (Veneziano)/Feliciano Vargas
Turkey/Sadik Adnan
South Italy (Romano)/Lovino Vargas
Canada/Matthew Williams
Prussia/Gilbert Weillschmidt
Greece/Heracles Karpusi
Holy Roman Empire
Austria/Roderich Edelstein
Sealand/Peter Kirkland
Hong Kong
Sweden/Berwald Oxenstierna and Finland/Tino Väinämöinen
Rome and Germania
Korea/Im Yong Soo
Spain/Antonio Fernandez Carriedo
Estonia/Eduard Von Bock
Hungary/Elizaveta Héderváry
Latvia/Raivis Galante
Poland/Feliks Łukasiewicz

Hetalia © Hidekaz Himaruya
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I thought it was a bowl of rice he was eating.
Rin8's avatar
It is a bowl of rice he's eating. (Well, the rice, anyway. Hopefully he's not eating the bowl.)
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JazzAmberHobbyist Artist
OHH sorry i thought at first it was a book..... sorry but WOW HOW?!?!?!? DID YOU DO THIS
Rin8's avatar
With Photoshop. (There are a bunch of tutorials if you look for them.)
JazzAmber's avatar
JazzAmberHobbyist Artist
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wasabi-n-sushiStudent Writer
i zoomed in!!!! its look good
Rin8's avatar

...But thanks c:
wasabi-n-sushi's avatar
wasabi-n-sushiStudent Writer
because you said not to lol
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Oh yar, chi yan le. Eat too much and get tired of it. I'M NEVER TIRED OF WHITE RICE.
Rin8's avatar
...Well, I am orz I eat it at least once every day, sometimes for every meal, and... I don't know, it gets boring :U -shot-
brewcha's avatar
Well, the thing is my parents prefer brown over white, so we pretty much eat brown now. Before we moved, (we lived with my grandparents before), we used to eat white...so I guess it's different since I don't eat white everyday now o-o But even if I ate white rice everyday, I don't get tired of it o-o
Rin8's avatar
My mom used to get us brown rice, but with the recession and everything, since it's more expensive, she gave up XD ...I feel it gets a bit boring, though, eating white rice at least once everyday orz
nade-chan's avatar
lols at the title.
Rin8's avatar
Well, what else could I name it? XD
mcboyde's avatar

ahh gawd I've just looked through all of these and I love them

so much
Rin8's avatar
Aiyah, so much rice, aru O:

And thanks~
ferrsuree's avatar
Haha, I'm used to seeing it so I don't know why this happened:
I rofl-ed when I saw that it said "aru" are the title.
Rin8's avatar
It does look a bit strange, I guess XD I always have to look twice to see what it is, and I named it XD
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this is epic holy shit ♥ ♥ I'm going to hunt you down and demand some emotes like this LOL I friggin love this *breaks the fave button*
Rin8's avatar
Well, glad you like it so much XD
W-what? Hunt me down? D:
hahahero's avatar
Chi yen le haha oh man I know what you mean ;u;

(didn't want to type it out in Chinese in case you didn't want me to xD)
Rin8's avatar
Oh, no it's just that the computer I'm on right now can't type in Chinese very easily XD (And I fail at Chinese anyways OTL)
hahahero's avatar
Ohh okay xD (ooh what ethnicity are you, if you don't mind me asking?)
Rin8's avatar
Half Chinese, and approximately one eight each of Greek, German, English, and Scottish. (Not exactly sure how much English and German, though...) But I speak Chinese pretty well, I think... (Writing, on the other hand >_> )
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