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Happy Fourth of July, everyone~

Er... Sorry for the really lame animation >_> A hamburger didn't really work (to small >_> ) and all I could think of were sparkles XD I'll try to think up something better... But I wanted to get this up today, since it is his birthday XD

And the flag actually has 50 spots (No room for stars XD) and 13 stripes... The 50 spots weren't even on purpose... It just turned out that way O:

Anyways, it's supposed to be based on Alfred F. Jones/America from Axis Powers Hetalia.

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Hetalia © Hidekaz Himaruya
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I actually made that plz account. I think. (I've made too many plz accounts. I don't even remember them all anymore.)
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pammazolaHobbyist Traditional Artist
Ah, I think this one might be my favorite so far.
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CookiezftwStudent Interface Designer
Typical american XD
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JoKirLoveHobbyist General Artist
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Thank you! Glad you like it!
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LOLfairycat23Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Makes me feel so patriotic!
Oh Alfred, you're so adorable I forgive you for sparkling like a fake vampire.
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XD Can't say I felt very patriotic making it... Sorry Alfie :I

Well, obviously since so many people in America like Twilight, he must like it, too. So he's probably trying to become a sparkly vampire (and failing miserably.)
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America's the hero! You're all just the backup. >w>
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Because of course, where would we be without heroes? XD
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This is the awesomest yet, cause obviously, America IS THE AWESOMEST~ --is being Alfred right now-- 833
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XD Glad you like it~
NOO! Prussia is O:< (Or he thinks so, anyways... And I like him better than America XD Although I think you've probably noticed who my actual favorite character is XD)
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America pwns Prussia~
(at least...I think so? OuO -is bad at world history?-)
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Just so you know, my sister is distressed by your comment, since she is a big Prussia fangirl XD

No, it isn't a country anymore... It died after WWII, in 1947... But... THAT DOESN'T MEAN HE ISN'T STILL AWESOME D:
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... >.>;;
-totally researched Prussia after she replied last time and wonders why they don't teach us about Prussia at school-

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They taught us about Prussia last year... (I wasn't really paying attention, though >_> And I missed a few of the days, so I didn't do so well on the test >_> *Still remembers it because it's the worst I've ever done on a history test... I got a C D:*
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I think they like neglecting Prussia~ They don't teach about it at my school~ XDD
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Well, Prussia was pretty important for a while... So they probably teach about it at some point XD Have you had a world history class or something like that?
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Luiza-RistowProfessional Digital Artist
Happy 4th July !!

Me it's 14th :3
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