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my first art trade, yaaay~

i need to draw something i like to get a motivation. and currently i just want to draw yaoi/yuri themed drawings
i'd prefer couples from anime & few cartoon like adventure times or BNHA, but i accept OCs and other pairing as well.
feel free to join anytime :happybounce:  we could share our interest in BL & GL XD

Here's some examples of my works and what i could offer. please remind that i offer couples~
saIKI by Rin-tann 
Heart fullbody chibi

Yayoi by Rin-tann [CONTEST ENTRY] Danny x Joey by Rin-tann
Heart  colored bust up
Mahoutsukai2 by Rin-tann Viktoruu by Rin-tann

 Heart  colored waist up
Ookami by Rin-tann  Onnadesu2 by Rin-tann
Heart  any sketches!

- must be a couple. & must be yaoi/yuri pairing. OCs are accepted
- digital art only
- no furry & mechas. NSFW is allowed ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
- comment below your samples of art, what you want from me, and the couple you want to draw. (give a reference if it's an OC)
i will note if i'm interested doing trade with you ^^ this is my first art trade so i might only take a few trade first :) (Smile)
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