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I actually want to know their story. Make it a yaoi! Also amazing art work
Chie-Kiyo's avatar
Your art style is so gorgeous! :love:

If you don't mind me asking, what programs did you use?
Tukiko-San's avatar
teach me more oh wise one <3~ the coloring is amazing ! ugh! the lighting makes me melt the more i look at every single detail , I love it !
LadyZombieRobot's avatar
The lighting is so pretty!
Roselyne777's avatar
Wow! Simply... WONDERFUL!!! ^____^
heena02's avatar
OMG this is so awesome! :heart:_:heart: May I ask, how did you set that beautiful blue lighting on step 4? Did you use something like a blue overlay layer? :?
Rin-Shiba's avatar
^^ yeah, bright light blue layer ! ^p^/
heena02's avatar
OMG Thank you for answering!! You are awesome! :iconpurpleheartplz:
chibi-charm's avatar
it get's more awesome with every step~! :heart: >w<
Chromattix's avatar
Interesting that the background isn't even started 'till last. You must just "imagine" the lighting scenario like I do (what can I say - it might be a gift since many are dependant on the lighting source, such as the background to be established already ;p) Though usually I'd just lay down the basic colours of the background first, do the character, then finish the background afterwards. But this seems to work well for you :D
Rin-Shiba's avatar
oh! i excluded the BG on this images (oops).
I always do the background first after the line art too. ^^
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