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Step by Step Tutorial - My way - Rin Okumura

bigger size available for download (warning big file)

Lineart colour tut: Hair tut: Skin tut: Final pic:


:bulletblue:As promised here is my complete step by step tutorial from my AnEx pic
(I chose this drawing since it has one of the most views in my gallery. )

:bulletblue:I'm not too sure if this is going to be helpful at all ;w; - it's quite basic and simple...
and as I said it before, you may like it or not, but it's just the way I do it ;; (i hope you find something somewhat helpful... ;w;

and again..., i apologize for any of my unclear English sentences (description) and my horrible grammar/spelling mistakes.... ><

:bulletblue:;w; there are A LOT of other mistakes. lighting, shading, etc etc....
I know i don't have much skills... so.. umm.. <hide>
im sorry ;w; I hope i can improve more someday...

恥ずかしくなってきたw ;;
Character: Rin Okumura : Ao no exorcist

edit: Thanks so much for all the group submission requests ;w;

EDIT2: and yes yes... I know the lighting (and amongst other things) are wrong.. ><
I'm not going to fix it because the original version was drawn a year ago i'mtoolazy
thanks for all the input tho ^^ )
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mahaweyat's avatar
hello ~
your tutorials sure are quite helpful, i didn't try it out yet but i learned a lot !
but my Q is should I shade on the same layer to help me blend later or make a new layer for it ?
and thanQ.
Windia-NataHime's avatar
I love all of your tutorial
thank you
PaardinGalop's avatar
Shiiittt :O
Nice work!
iLyriics's avatar
I really liked your draw about RIN, I love Blue Exorcist. ♥
SteamPunkStudios's avatar
Just found this amazing tutorial, great work!

cyberry-juice's avatar
wow thanks for sharing :))
maybe you could make a tutorial 'how to draw abs' Big Fool Emoji-12 (Pervy Flirt) [V2] 
AtsusaKaneytza's avatar
I'm trying to read the tutorial, but you drew Rin being so distracting =>______>=
Ahaha, I'm kidding. Nice tutorial, and you sharing your wisdom is much appreciated!
emina242's avatar
i love ur tutorials.. its very helpfulHeart 
Dodo-pink's avatar
hiney bunny i wanted to go to your page but it says that is infected with malware..... i wanna see your gallery ;A; 
Peiridae's avatar
I just LOVE all of your tutorials!!! They're very, very helpful and easy to understand. It's so nice to find tutorials that are so in-depth without being overwhelmingly complicated!

I love your style and art, by the way. ^^
AniBryanz's avatar
WOAAA!! Awesome tutorial!!! I've been looking for this kind of tutorial to improve my skills in colouring...thnks man!! i hope u could visit my page & give some critics and advice on my art..:D (sorry,i'am totally bad in english) XP
Scootie-chan's avatar
There are so many tools I didn't even know exsisted~ ^o^
vivereakane's avatar
Could i request body proportion tutorial please? <:') since i'm a girl, i can only draw girls and shota. My shonen are usually failures, can't draw those muscles well ////;a
Pupaveg's avatar
Great work. Very inspiring!
yuukikiome95's avatar
love the tutorial,but the picture itself.DAMN
YuhiNyan's avatar
magnificently *__*
*bleeding from the nose*
Nami-ya's avatar
I was wondering, when there are two characters- umm, a couple holding hands or smth, should their lineart be drawn together? orz is it better if they have their own layers? ;w;
Great tutorial btw ^7^!!

darkzero779's avatar
i love these cg art...but i never been a fan to trying making thin line art like shown here..
but maybe i should do it...i need to mix up my style more..i do a comic like form for my lineart,but maybe all manga should be started and done with..other wise i cant do well..
Wish-Academy's avatar
:iconstudytimeplz: i will study every one of your toturials and i promise i will improve my style !

Than-chuu~ Sempai!
Rhaylee's avatar
Thank you SO much for taking the time to make these tutorials! They truly are a big help <3 <3 <3
BubbleChii's avatar

Tygerlander's avatar
Thanks so much for this. I'm just learning SAI and was wondering how to change the lineart coloring with it. I can wonder no more ^_^
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