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Ao no Exorcist -Summer Break-

By Rin-Shiba
Characters: Rin Okumura , Yukio Okumura, and Ryuji Suguro 15 18/20↑ years old from ao no exorcist

:bulletred: The pic of background itself --->

:bulletblue: IT'S SUMMER! It's hot and I FINALLY got to draw BON!!! (*´Д`) bonnnn~~~~~~ <33333
--> me loves him A LOT partly due to Bon's CV is Nakai-san (lol )
i want to be that popsicle (艸ε≦❤

:bulletpink: other AnE fanpics:
i made a blank meme! XD ->

:bulletpink: All done in SAI
水着とk、いろいろと苦戦w ワカンナイ カケナイ (;ω;)
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I cant stop....TO SEEEEE
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Bon....Them eyebrows Thomas the Tank Engine Chat Icon 

Anyways, I love this picture~
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You're telling me!! I can't choose!! I WANT THEM ALL
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*shivers in excitement*
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emmm creo que hiciste los cuerpos mas grandes que las cabezas .-.
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You are a God sent, gifted person....I shall die happily now~
angel Angel Emoticon 
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your art pieces are HOT
cUpCaKe--LoVe's avatar
\\dying from the sexiness\\
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Only thing that I can say is DAMMNNN
MsCreepyMcPasta's avatar
I...I can't even. Bon is just eating a Popsicle, that's all...nosebleed 
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woooo!! o: esta re bien producidos !
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This is definitely my favorite drawing of them!! It is so hoootttzz(wink, wink) :D

Random question, do you think you could do Renzou Shima in the same style?? It's just that he's my favorite character from Blue Exorcist and I haven't seen any good drawings of him. If you don't want to draw him, that's fine, just thought I could ask)
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This is AWESOME!!!!! They're all looking super sexy (especially Bon :heart:)

LOL, Rin has Kuro on his swimsuit!!!! XD
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