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By rimuu
The reason I don't draw guys a lot is that I never get cool pose ideas for them.
...and this isn't the exception lol. But I forced myself to draw some guys for once so to make it easier I put three things I always love: red spider lilies, angst and Gin-chan <3

- - - 
Questions? F.A.Q.

Art (c) rimuu
Gintoki (c) Hideaki Sorachi

Other art by me:
The Cursed Serpent by rimuu  Musician's Sanctuary by rimuu  Winter Constellation by rimuu 
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© 2017 - 2021 rimuu
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Gintama is one of my favorite anime. You definitely did the series justice with this image.
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Love your style and... Gintama!! So beautiful:squee: 
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Really good, goddamn. Shoyo...
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I got really excited it looked so much like tokyo ghoul art if you dont know what tokyo ghoul is you should totally read the manga and watch the anime its so good!!!
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Awesome!!   Time to haul ass out of here! 
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Thank You, my dear. A little gift from me
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This is great! I really love the colors, and the background is lovely! Love 
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whoa amazing! I didn't think gintama would have any sad moments O_O its pretty!
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Awesome! Very beautiful! I love the flowers! x)
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*Thinks of Tokyo Ghoul*
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Every time there's a higanbana, the chills are coursing and it's Gintama
TT.TT feels -///-

This is so awesome especially the intricacy of the flowers and the atmosphere it creates. I love it
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thanks so much!! ;v;
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Awesome! I love the colors you chose!
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i can't tell if this is tokyo ghoul fanartSherlock Holmes :-? (Confused)  i need to knowStare 
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No, it's Gintama fanart
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it still looks amazing even tho i never hear of it
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Oooh, dangerous! Higanbana are poisonous, aren't they?

Very well-drawn.
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Gintokiiiiiiiiiii!! Awww amazing art as always! I love the composition & your coloring ^^
Have you watched the newest season?
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Thank you!!
Do you mean the one that started airing this week? I didn't start it yet since I'm thinking on waiting until it finishes airing or the at least the current arc finishes before watching it. I don't like watching things one episode per week, it feels too little haha. As much as it hurts me knowing there're new Gintama episodes I didn't watch yet, having to wait a whole week after a cliffhanger hurts me way more :')
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Aww you're welcome, dear!

Yeah, that one! ^^
Hhu i know the feels, waiting the new episode every week is so frustating XD
I usually wait until all episode in current arc are out~ But, since i've waited too long for this new season, i can't resist to watch it ^^
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