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woo so happy I could finish this on time for Miku's birthday! I had little free time but I really wanted to draw something for today, so I thought about making something simple I could fit in my free time, and oops this happened. I don't know what simple is lmao. Who needs sleeping anyway!
I still had to rush it a bit. I feel the cities on the background are a bit messy, so I'll probably touch them a bit more later.


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Superb mood, feeling and colors. Wow! !
This is so amazing!!
GloomiBoo's avatar
good lord man how is this amazing art even possible
D-Y-O-O's avatar
great colors and composition
JessNerdette's avatar
Gorgeous, love the hair!:)
Joakaha's avatar
AriaStarcast's avatar
This is incredible[free] miku icon pack 
superSAKURA64's avatar
GraceBej's avatar
This is so pretty! I love the lighting sm
SuichiNekonii's avatar
I really love all your drawings ;u;
NakimushiRobot's avatar
this is so beautiful, holy smokes!! i absolutely love the attention to detail, and lots of your works look like something that could easily be used as artwork for a PV or an official song using Miku. you are amazing, keep it up!
rimuu's avatar
ah thank you so much! ;v;
Grendelkin's avatar
This is gorgeous....!
You are so good at backgrounds, and the focus character is so alive!
barbupaul's avatar
that's one tall radio tower
Sareva-Hiiro's avatar
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BigFella-Artist27's avatar
You know Rimuu it's people like you that make me hate myself, yet inspire me too.
Loeavari's avatar
You should probably rethink how you form your comments, because nobody likes to be told they make people feel worse in a way. 
BigFella-Artist27's avatar
Yeah sorry, meant it as a joke... I'll try and keep that in mind.
Emphasis-Lest's avatar
Omgosh this is so beautiful and the colouring is pristine! I love the bg scenery and her dancing hair in the breeze ~
truskaf-fkoffa's avatar
Fantastic picture ^-^
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