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5000% cuter

Digital content: I made the bigger layered psd file available to purchase for 200Points  It also includes a few notes and my tool settings. It's available for learning purposes only. Please read these rules before purchasing Digital Content Rules. You'll have to agree with these rules when purchasing.
Note me if you prefer to pay via paypal.

I-I think I overdid it with the cute?
But well I wanted to draw my character Ruri in a child version, so being cute was absolutely needed.
I experimented a bit with this. I wanted to make the shading simpler than my soft shading but softer than my cel shading. And I like the result!

Hope you like it and hope I didn't give you too much diabetes!

- - - 
Questions? F.A.Q.

art (c) rimuu
character (c) rimuu

Other art by me:
C :: Jester-Comics by rimuu Dreamful Garden by rimuu Cherry by rimuu 
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More like 9000% cuter! 
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sososo adorablee <3
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uwaa thats cute <33 I love your art so much [EXO] Kris ''Legit'' Crying Emoticon it really moves me to tears fhdskf

Im considering purchasing the file but I was wondering if it could only be opened with photoshop?
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Thanks so much! ;v;

You can open it with any program that reads photoshop format. Most drawing softwars would have no problem with it. Actually, I worked on this on SAI myself c:
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thank you it works!
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My inner self after finding this while looking at your artworks

"yeah, this one looks cute as well but i could go to jail (joking) if i said that" :|
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could i make a mmd model of her ? ;u;
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so. cute. !!!1!11!!><
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*Cuteness intensifies*
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i'm feeling too weak by extreme cuteness //w//
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Ahhhhh, this is SO cute ;v;
may I upload it in a fbLoliPage? (won't take off the watermark from the top ;;v;; )
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If you also include a link to my profile here or this deviation, sure, go ahead!
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D-d-dia-diabetes--? -dies- 😲😲😲😲😲
5000??? More like 10000%!!! Awesome!
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Aww she looks so cute! :heart:
I really love how you drew the hair, it's beautiful! *o*
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uhhhhhhhh daaaa uhhhhh whaaaaaa?
i hope your happy i nearly had a had attack on how cute this is good job on the artwork <3
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She's so adorable <333
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Thank you! ;v;/
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