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i didn't know how to name it :P
here's the final version of my latest DTA. I already explained everything in the description of the meme XD

characters are my OCs (i need to specify it for group submission XD)

see ya
Rimo :heart:
Draw This Again 18
...Yes, another one XD
Not like the original was that bad, this time, but i had used a stock photo for the pose reference (which means, i traced over the figure of an actual human being, so it doesn't look very manga-like XD). So i decided to make a pose with a more interesting perspective and make Love skinnier (since she's supposed to be a sort of teen loli XD) The expressions also look more natural now (especially R's killer look :D). I also caught the occasion to change some tiny details of the dress to make it more magical girl-esque. Oh, and the totally-pink background didn't make much sense, and the characters seemed to blend with it too much, so i went for a simple shadow instead

i almost ran out of things to post for now XD

Rimo :heart:
Final version of my latest DTA, sorry for posting it so late XD
gotta say, i'm quite proud with how this one turned out OwO (i mean, at least she has a "human" appearance now XD) (well..except for the cat ears, ofc :XD:)
Character is R and Love's best friend (another OC). I actually didn't develop her very much, except for the fact that she's based on a real-life friend of mine and that she's totally crazy (in a good way XD) The background is probably the only element that didn't change at all from the very first version, i just positioned the dots in a more precise way :D

see ya

Rimo :heart:
Space Friends
I wanted to draw Elly's OCs again XD also doubles as a birthday card 
The story is actually a sci-fi story, but i wanted to draw them in a sort of college AU (and only using desaturated colors, for some reason. Although i kinda like this style). Also, they're all supposed to be 20 years old and above, but i made them look a bit too young XD (but it's ok, it can be part of this style too)

aargh, i want to read this story so bad >^<
characters belong to :iconanadarklady97:

see ya the next days, i already drew a shit ton of other stuff, but some groups only accept one deviation a week, so i have to wait :P
Rimo :heart:
Draw This Again 17
...I just want to be the queen of Draw This Again. XD

this is another of the super-cringey drawings i made at 15 year old, probably. The first remake looked cute, at the time, but looking at it now, the eye occupies half of the face, the twintails have an unnatural shape and the anatomy in general is weird
The new remake was done in maybe a hour (with the help of a 3D program for anatomy and shading), and overall i'm quite proud of it OwO

character belongs to me

See ya

Rimo :heart:
Hi guys, just sharing a few news
First, i'm going to the manga course this year too, i'm leaving this Sunday and coming back next Sunday, so it's like a 1-week hiatus (but maybe i'll be able to check my messages on the phone if wi-fi works..XD)

second, my graphic pen seems to be having problems, so i might need to buy a new one. This means i won't be able to draw for a few days, or until i solve the problem.

and also, in September i have the entrance exams for university, and, depending on how much i have to study, i might not be able to draw for even more time. If i get accepted, i'll close requests until at least next March, cuz i have a feeling i won't have much free time. (we'll see..)

and finally, dear :iconsenpai-hero: and :iconloveelfears:, stay assured, i haven't forgotten about your requests. Sorry for making you wait so much, as soon as i can use my tablet again i'll try to finish them for real :)

see ya 
Rimo :heart:


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Happy Halloween!

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Banner Fave by jennylizmanga  

Thank you so much, feel free to watch me if you like my art ^^
RimoOfArtSchool Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2018  Student General Artist
Thank you! Happy Halloween to you too :heart:
Fleur-de-Irk Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2018
Thank you for +fav!
RimoOfArtSchool Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2018  Student General Artist
No problem :aww:
GabeTheBurningBolt Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hi I'm not a digital artist so I wanted to know what a digital artist thought of my art
so what do you think Michael OC Form Meme by GabeTheBurningBolt   
RimoOfArtSchool Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2018  Student General Artist
I'm not really a professionist, but i think that's a pretty good start. You might want to correct the anatomy a bit and vary the poses more, though. For that, i suggest you to search for stock photos or pose references (you can even use yourself as a reference). The coloring looks ok to me, though maybe you can try to make it more uniformed by putting less physical pressure on the pencil (and maybe use darker colours as well, for a more detailed shading)(again, photo reference is really helpful to understand the placement of the shadow. There are also some specific programs where you can choose the lighting you like the most and see how it looks on the overall composition, although i don't remember the names). 
Hope this helps, i'm not used to giving art-related advice >^<
Flucimour Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Ciao! Come stai? ^^ First time seeing an Italian on DA 
RimoOfArtSchool Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2018  Student General Artist
Bene, grazie :) (i know, there are not many Italian people on dA, plus i usually speak English so the whole world can understand me)
(sono felice di non essere l'unica, comunque XD)
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND TODAY SPECIALS, we hav- *Interrupted* (Mysterious man: We've meet again... Chan-san) ('oh no, that voice...') *turns around* (Amon, I don't have time to deal with you. Can't you see I'm with a customer who's having a birthday?) (Amon: I'm afraid I must end your journey, ONCE AND FOR ALL!!!) ('WHA?' M-Motherf**ker, I don't even want to get involved in your... whatever you called it, didn't I even told you the first time we first met? That I'm taking your challenge as a one-time thing? Look at me, I'm a waiter working in this luxury restaurant, for christ sake! I'm not a f**kin threat to you or your... Amon Clan or whatever) (Amon: That means that you are determined to end us all...) (I'm not even pla-... F**k it, Let get over with this sh*t) *ADVANCING TO BATTLE:*
()=for japanese
''= thoughts
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