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Teh Hyperness:heart:

Shmez McDemented, Maria McMorbid and Rip McScythe (c) Meh
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Richu5|Hobbyist General Artist
Maria is the Awsomest. Loved the straight jacket line. Lol.
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Chris-Aqua|Student Traditional Artist
Really Cute! :3
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Finally, have i found someone who gts as crazy as i do whe i get hyper? XD
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zelda8DD|Student General Artist
AAAHAHAAAAHA! XD Best thing eeeevvveer! Maria at the 5th. panel! XD
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Webkinz-queen's avatar
LOLOLOLOL!!! ......That's SOH me.... :crazy:
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AZNANGELS's avatar
LMAO!!!! owww....... my cheeks.....can't stop f******

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lolita-kira13's avatar
i do this all the time, but when I get hyper, there's nothing my family can do about it because i'm too fast to catch XD . I tried to get enough sugar to bounce off the walls, but the walls dont appreciate me trying to bounce off of them so I went splat. multiple times. I put sugar in coke and i put sugar on chocolate. I eat plain sugar sometimes and i add it so all sweets, i mix sugar in with cake frosting, even, then frost the cake so it's sweeter. :iconpervykyleplz: Believe me, i think i have a worse sugar addiction than Maria. XD plz dont judge my wierdo lifestyle.
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ZOMBIExBite|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
lol. i get like that sometimes.
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NekoEdFan|Hobbyist Writer
This is me when I DON'T have any candy! XD lol
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my friend is the exact opposite,when he doesn´t have candy in his mouth he is hyper but when he does he is as calm as a koala.
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Franco-Prussian's avatar
Franco-Prussian|Student Digital Artist
buahahaha. Reminds me of my brother when he drinks a shot of my moms coffee from starbucks ^^
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1-n-d-1-a's avatar
1-n-d-1-a| Digital Artist
lol you're so clever!!
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InvaderNad|Hobbyist General Artist
ha!in my life,im maria!!!!!and maria in this strip is DEFINITELY me!!!!!!IM EATIN CANDEH!!!!!!!!!!!!HAHAHAHHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i gots to lie down now.
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XD for a second i thought thr "candeh" bag said "cancer" i was like "she's eating cancer??"
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VanillatheNeko|Student Digital Artist
Now that's what I call Maria taking over Candyland!
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in-love-with-gir's avatar
i can't look at this without laughing so hard that i can't breathe lmao
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Atari93's avatar
Sugar ain't good for you!
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NourhanB| Photographer
Make schweet lurve to zhe cookie jaar!! lmao!!
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RawBear's avatar
omg i love it wanna keep it forever and ever :heart:
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Angel-17-Serenity's avatar
that's totally me lol
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ReapersMysteries's avatar
Wat's worse is I have friends like that too... the straight jacket in my closet isn't mine to most people's disbelief..... it's sad,....
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