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Rixixi Design Contest by Ace574, journal

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My Bio

Heya! Welcome to my Deviantart Page! I love drawing, reading, writing, animating, and playing video games. Regardless of how you stumbled upon my little dwelling in the vastness of the internet, make yourself at home! I like to draw dark things and I am somewhat decent at drawing gory art.

Commissions and Customs are Open!

I'm tentative on Requests.

Comms Prices Here!

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Favourite Movies
The Secret of NIMH
Favourite TV Shows
Gravity Falls, Supernatural
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
The Shins, Hollywood Undead, Imagine Dragons, Dixie Chicks, Eddie Vedder, Young the Giant
Favourite Books
Spellbinder, Watership Down, Malice, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Journey to the Center of the Earth
Favourite Writers
Richard Adams, Jules Vern, Edgar Allen Poe
Favourite Games
Flight Rising, Animal Jam, Don't Starve, Legend of Zelda Games, Payday 2, Left for Dead 2, Skyrim, The Mario and Luigi Games, Pokemon
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
Paper, a pencil, and on occasion MS Paint or GIMP
Other Interests
Dragons, Music, Youtube, Gamemaking, Animating, Legos, Reading, Writing
Hey you, yeah you! Did you know that you can PAY me to draw things for you? Well now you know! I'll accept USD but no points, sorry. RULES -I can draw most things but I keep in mind that I am not very good at drawing Robots -I will not draw fetish art or NSFW - I can and will draw gore/body horror/etc. UNCOLORED (This is the only uncolored piece I have on-hand and I did it for school so its kind lumpy. My art is better than this I promise.) Headshot- $5 Halfbody- $6 Fullbody- $15 COLORED Headshot- $10 Halfbody- $15 Fullbody- $20 = Finished Piece No Shading- $30 Shading- $35 Lineless $40 Custom Character $45 Reference Sheet $45
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So y'all know I love Splatoon and have a lotta OCs (Though I've only drawn two), but you may be wondering, do I have an Inksona? I absolutely do! This is gonna be where her bio lives until I finally decide to draw her. The bio template I'm using here was made and provided to me by the lovely MasterPerryMartin (https://www.deviantart.com/masterperrymartin) Rebecca Barracuda Basic Information: Full Name: Rebecca Anne Barracuda Nickname(s): Becky, Becca, Agent 4 Preferred Name: Becky Brief Bio (One Sentence): A goofy and friendly Agent and Broadwhale performer. Physical Information: Age: 19 Height: 5'4" Weight: 120lbs Species: Inkling Eye Colour: Blueish gray Hair Colour: Laser
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Thanks for the watch!

look its porl and mereenie

porl and mereenie

I approve greatly of this and will hold it in highest regard.

HelloPikachu waves 
I hope I'm not interrupting,but I wanted to ask out of curiosity.
Would you also draw Request?
Would you be interested.I have many ideas.
I'd hope that wehre possible.
Otherwise, have a nice day.
Depends on what it is. I don’t do requests very often and the last one I did only because it was too good to resist. As a word of forewarning, not meaning to label you a kinky bastard, I don’t draw fetish art.
Mhh is fine with me you dont do fetish, i mean i try to respect artist.
and by you maybe you can help me with my Digomon idea here?

She got the sign of friendship as a furmacakirung, because with exactly this help she could be freed from the darkness.
And her necklace reminds her of the dark times.

Please put the shoes on her.

And here again the friendship sign
This seems doable, however I’m not super familiar with Digimon. Could you find me an example of what you want me to do with the Friendship Crest, please?
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