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Holy moly they got soo expensive x'DDD sorry x'D
i think... There won't be many Point Commissions anymore for me x'DD
hmm at least i can draw some of my own stuff now x'D
Thanks again Chrissie for your help ;w;:heart:)


Human Chibi: 80 Points (ca. 0.80 €)
Feral and Anthro: 100 points (ca. 1.00 €)
Human: 150 points (ca. 1.50 €)

Extra Character: 5 Points (ca. 0.05 €)

Flat Colo:

Feral and Anthro: 200 points (ca. 2.00 €)
Human Chibi: 200 (ca. 2.00 €)

Extra Character: 15 Points (ca. 0.15 €)

Waist up:
(Human): 250 points (ca. 2.50 €)

Extra Character: 25 Points (ca. 0.25 €)

Full Body:
(Human): 300 points (ca. 3.00 €)

Extra Character: 30 Points (ca. 0.03 €)

Full Colour:

Feral and Anthro: 350 points (ca. 3.50 €)
Human Chibi: 380 Points (ca. 3.80 €)

Extra Character: 35 Points (ca. 0.35 €)

Waist up:
(Human): 450 points (ca. 4.50 €)

Extra Character: 40 Points (ca. 0.40 €)

Full Body:
(Human): 500 points (ca. 5.00 €)

Extra Character: 50 Points (ca. 0.50 €)

and yeees i'm doing an kiri again x'D last time i did one 2 had exactly the same number so i didn't make one for a while x'D then i wanted to do one at 30 000 pageviews but it's already to late x'DDD

so netx kiri will be at 30 333 pageviews (Random number 8D)
if someone gets 30 334 or something like that it maybe still counts if noone got the 30 333~ xD

:star: To do list~ :star:

Explanation 8D
:star-empty::star-empty::star-empty: = Not started/thinking...
:star-half::star-empty::star-empty: = sketchet
:star::star-empty::star-empty: = Lineart
:star::star-half::star-empty: = Coloring
:star::star::star-empty: = Shading and lighting
:star::star::star-half: = Effects and Background
:star::star::star: = Done -^v^-

Point Commissions
(with this mark :bulletred: it's already paid wich means i draw that first :3)

:iconhybrid-mars: ->:star-half::star-empty::star-empty: (1) :star::star-empty::star-empty:(2)
:iconruby-pent: -> :star-half::star-empty::star-empty:(1):bulletred: :star-half::star-empty::star-empty:(2)
:iconveemonsito: -> :star-empty::star-empty::star-empty:
:iconcrowparade: -> :star-empty::star-empty::star-empty:


:iconwaterblizzard: -> :star-empty::star-empty::star-empty:


:iconvaleens: -> (Valee) :star::star::star-empty:
:icondoggylover94: -> :star::star-empty::star-empty:


(with this mark :bulletred: the other part is already drawn wich means i draw that first~)
:iconfinsterlichart: -> :star-empty::star-empty::star-empty:
:iconwatermelonparasite: -> :star::star-empty::star-empty:
:icondeenukiza: -> :star::star-empty::star-empty:
:iconveemonsito: -> :star-empty::star-empty::star-empty:
:iconashei-the-fox: -> :star-empty::star-empty::star-empty::bulletred:
:iconlulu-fly: -> :star-half::star-empty::star-empty:


Page three :star-empty::star-empty::star-empty:

Gifts :meow:

:iconshivita: -> :star::star-empty::star-empty:
:iconxunknownvampirex:  ->:star-empty::star-empty::star-empty:
:icontorturedwhispers: ->:star-empty::star-empty::star-empty:

My own stuff -^^-

Rima Ref -> :star::star-empty::star-empty:
other Characters ref -> :star-empty::star-empty::star-empty:

Art status:

:iconrequestclosed1::iconrequestclosed2: :iconarttradesclosed1::iconarttradesclosed2: :iconcommissionclosed1::iconcommissionclosed2: <- maybe i'll open them one day although nobody wan't one xD
© 2011 - 2021 RimaPichi
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SibArtsmen's avatar
Tell you what, once I make a little more money, I'll ask for a Commission when you're open. Also, I'm confused about the prices here.
RimaPichi's avatar
Thanks for your interest ;v;
But i wont be opening pointcommissions again i think.
I don't know what i shoudl do with points xD

This is really old and the prices don't apply anymore, I have a new pricelist done but won't upload it until i actually have time to take commissions ///
SweetWolfCookie's avatar
I want to commission you so bad ;-; I love your artstyle!
RimaPichi's avatar
Sorry ;u;
Finals suck *sobs*
And glad you like my art style <33
Honeybuzz01's avatar
When will you open?
RimaPichi's avatar
I don't know yet QoQ
Honeybuzz01's avatar
Alrighty then QuQ
TsunRin's avatar
RimaPichi's avatar
RockerGirl1432's avatar
If they are ever open, please tell me.. I really want a commission from you cause your style is insanely cute. But I don't have real life money that I can use on a website, which is saddening because I want to commission you so badly. D8
So.. Please tell me if they are EVER open.
Thanks Rima. :heart:
RimaPichi's avatar
okay ;u;
Thank you so much i'm really glad you like it ;u;
RockerGirl1432's avatar
Well your my favourite artist.. Ever.
Choaru's avatar
Amg can you please tell me when you open again ;;A;;
RimaPichi's avatar
i don't know yet ;~;
sorry D':
Choaru's avatar
Okay <33 :iconrubcheeksplz: It is okay~
Silver-moon123's avatar
When will they be open?
RimaPichi's avatar
Not anytime soon i think >.<
ApocalypticBee's avatar
Prices to high...*dies of shock*

LOVE your art
RimaPichi's avatar
it takes more than 7 h to finish a pic so with high prices notmany peoples ask me, so i'm saved XDDD

thanks <3
ApocalypticBee's avatar

no problem, i like raided you gallery faving XD
Captain-Clover's avatar
I caught your Kiriban! [link] x3
RimaPichi's avatar
eey x'D even fighting x'DDD
you win though^^
nice x3
what you want me to draw? :3
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