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Hello >u<
Since i submited "Sugar Flash" there have been really really many people interested in Commissions OuO
And i just can't take so many xD;

Also I will rise my prices a little now >o<
I also will only open about 3-4 slots... Then open them again once i'm done with the previous ones ;u;
There have been a few people i already accepted, the prices will remain for them. As for all the others Please lok at the new prices once i submit them and decide if you still want them ;u;

Thank you very very much for you interest and your understanding <3

So i had opened a few slots (which are all taken already ;u; ) where the old prices still apply (I accepted them before the prices rouse so i think that's fair..)

1. Shiranova (paid)
3. HonoIkazuchi
4. KiSsicchi
5. happiTAN

also i think this is kinda importand:
I prefer to have the commission paid beforehand but you can also pay half of the price of the commision from the start, and the other half when i'm done. UvU Also since i'm still a noob at this and i take way too long... Sooo I won't accept money anymore untill i actually can start on the drawing immediately. Meaning i will accept payment of the next commission once Shiranovas commission is done etc. >u<

If you want to withdraw the commission simply note me or comment here c:

Aaand finally the new prices >o<

Only  with Paypal ;u;
(prices are writen in €  but i'm also ok with $ or CHF (that's the currency where I live xD) I'll use a currency converter though >u<

Feral or Anthro

Full colour

Extra character 10€

Psunna by RimaPichi Commission: Scooby by RimaPichi


Full colour

Waist up/Knee up

one extra character 25€ (the more characters the more expensive the additional price ;u; It's just really hard and time consuming to draw more than one person xD; )

Sugar Flash .:Speedpaint:. by RimaPichi Happy Late Birthday! .:Speedpaint:. by RimaPichi
Zune .:Speedpaint:. by RimaPichi Bad Blood Gone Wild .:Speedpaint:. by RimaPichi Hikari by RimaPichi

Full body

Extra character 35€ (same principle as Waist ups)

Stardust by RimaPichi
Bikini Donut by RimaPichi Tears and Snow by RimaPichi Sugar Cake by RimaPichi

A more detailed background, such as here Afternoon Tea by RimaPichi Welcome To My Crooked World .:Speedpaint:. by RimaPichi  Requiem Of The Red Rose by RimaPichi Dawn Of Hope .:Speedpaint:. by RimaPichi
Would be an additional 30€ (depending on what you want)
But i'm really bad with backgrounds so i most likely won't be able to do what you'd like and i'd have to decline it... Q~Q

I work for about 7-10 on a wait up drawing and weeks on detailed background ones >,<;
I raised the prices now. Hope you understand TuT
I had some help for the new prices ;u; So thanks >7<

Oh and If you commission me please tell me your characters Name and personality and stuff like that ;u;
i don't wanna draw a gloomy character all happy or vise versa xD;;

:iconrequestclosed1::iconrequestclosed2: :iconarttradesclosed1::iconarttradesclosed2: :iconcommissionclosed1::iconcommissionclosed2: (until the the 4 slots are done)

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Shadow4kuma's avatar
Do you plan on opening them again anytime soon?
And if so, what would the prices be? //thinks about saving for one ><
RimaPichi's avatar
I am ;v;
The prices would be way highe, since it takes me so much more time to finish stuff these days TAT
Probably around Sasu's prices. Nich ganz so teuer tho ;v; 
Shadow4kuma's avatar
Ahhhh hab ich schon erwartet ><
Sasu... sasucchi95? Also so 200-250$ für einen halfbody?
(Bin mir grad unsicher wen du meinst qAq)
Erediell's avatar
Hello! ;v; Will you reopen these at some point? I would definitely consider commissioning you in the future ;w;
Thank you for your time! ;v;
RimaPichi's avatar
Thanks for the interest ;v;
I'm planing on re-opening them and ave been accepting some here and there.
But the prices will be considerably higher ;v;
(Around sasucchi95's price area ;v;)

If you're stil interested you can send me a note >v<
JaneKL's avatar
damn... QwQ I only have points XD
RimaPichi's avatar
Sorry QwQ
When i got more time i'll probably doo raffels again and such >u<
Shimmer5O's avatar
Rima!! I wanna commission you so so bad >////<
I hope you are doing well and that when you open commissions again I'll be in time \o/
RimaPichi's avatar
Aaah Q//o//Q I still sort of take them, but i'm so slow so i don't accept any paymend tilll the drawing is nearly done xD;;
If you don't mind waiting really long (so sorry TuT) But really are interested you can send me a note ;u;/
Shimmer5O's avatar
wooh yay \o/ I dont mind waiting at all, as long as it takes ^^ I
ll note you right away \o/ thank you so much dear <3
RimaPichi's avatar
happiTAN's avatar
Hi, I'd really love to commission you q u q Do you have any idea when you'll be opening these up again?
RimaPichi's avatar
I really don't know TuT I'm finishing my apprenticeship next year so probably aroun then.. >A<
I can add you tot h waiting list, and when i open them wrtie you a note to ask if you're till itneressted >u</

I will open headshot reqests for a short while sometime soon though c:
Azuremia's avatar
Ahh I would like a slot, I've noticed one of the people is the list has deactivated? Your art is super amazing, you have such skill ;o; //I know they are closed, but just thought i'd ask ;v;
RimaPichi's avatar
I've been slakying with the commission </3 i feel terrible |D
I opened them back to when i went to art school and had more time, now that i'm working I barely get time to draw, so it will take me long to finish them...
If you really are interesste I can switch you out with the person that deactivated though ;u;
Once i have done the previous ones i'll send you a note, asking if you still would like a commission.
Is that okay?

Thank you so much <3
It always makes me happy to know some people actually think my art is worth something eheheh >///<
Azuremia's avatar
Yes! that would be lovely! ;v;
hnnng good luck with your work! Also your art is very much worth it ;v;
0Yuki-san0's avatar
Waa I'd love to have a commission from you one day! But I don't have any money now! But I still absolutely love to stare at your amazing drawings for a few hours!! I hope you'll keep making those wonderfull drawings!! ;v;
RimaPichi's avatar
i'm sorry they even got more expensive TuT
But Thank youuu >u<
i'll try Q7Q
0Yuki-san0's avatar
You don't need to be sorry! ^-^
It's my pleasure, do your best!! ^o^/
VanessaCaramell's avatar
i can ask a commission :) (Smile) 
RimaPichi's avatar
Sorry for the late reply >o<
They're closed untill i've done the 4 lsitend above ;u;
VanessaCaramell's avatar
oooo don´t worry:) (Smile) 
Mina-Chan2301's avatar
man ich bin jetzt ein bissl traurig(schon wider) das ich erst 13 bin TwT und du isst GARNICHTS?o.O ich glaub das is ungesund oder? XD
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