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[+Timelapsevideo] Peek-a-boo

By RimaPichi

It’s boosette ofc-- though I’d join the bandwagon xD

Tried to get out of a massive Artblock with it, so you see me struggle alot i this speedpaint TvT
Finished it a while ago but didn’t get to submit hehe--
Shading light colours really isn't my forte, ti was one heck of a challenge x'D

Hope you like it ! and thanks for watching ;v;/

Character © by Nintendo i ...guess?
© by meh RimaPichi
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© 2018 - 2021 RimaPichi
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Amazing work
I saw all the video ^^
RimaPichi's avatar
Thank you QvQ
I hope you enjoyed >7<
HanaJoka's avatar
Yes i enjoyed a lot 
Youre welcome
Shiny-Clef's avatar
Oml Boosette :0000 Bowsette's sister lmao (?
Her anatomy is sp00ktacular! (Bad joke I know :'D) I really like the color palette with white and grey, it fits really good ;;w;; I also hope you get away of this Artblock, it should suckkk-
As the colors are cold, I like the details in the eye, and how it highlights having a different and brighter color, happening the same feeling with the accessories, they look sooo cool aaaa-
And I can see all the effort put in the hair, making a lot from it, but damn, looks fantastic!
This perfect, I swear ;_;
RimaPichi's avatar
Maybe XDD
Oml Puns yiss! <3 xD
I'm still in it for fcks sake TAT
Thank you so much again Q//v//Q
Shiny-Clef's avatar
Lmfaooo xD
Yasssss <3
Hhhh, so baad ;_;
No worries ;;; u ;;; <3
mrgnhllw's avatar
That's MASSIVE!!!
RimaPichi's avatar
thank you xD
kayak79's avatar
Wooo... that's actually a bit ghostly :)
RimaPichi's avatar
Glad you think so >v<
Nasdreks's avatar
This turned out so cute! And I really like the way you did the fabric, so rich and lush!
Treasures-Of-Wisdom's avatar
Nasdreks, hi there! Big hugs!
RimaPichi's avatar
Thank you so much <3
crazy4anime09's avatar
OMG! This looks amazing!!! I love all the details and her pose! :love: fav ^^
RimaPichi's avatar
Thank you ;v;7
crazy4anime09's avatar
You're very welcome! :hug: ^^
Eriaricheria's avatar
OMG!!!! This is beautiful! so detailed!!!
RimaPichi's avatar
Zwelx's avatar
This brings me to tears. It's so good
RimaPichi's avatar
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SayakaIKArclight's avatar
you are so welcome
BlizzardWrath's avatar
It's so beautiful >-<
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