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The Ace Of Hearts

New art omg—
Hadn't drawn since November so it's rusty and bleh but, i really wanted to draw something for this subject (on pride month but i still kinda had to fully get to therms with being ace x'D Talking about it to a friend really helped tho and i felt like i could post something about it =v= )

I hope you like it! And sorry for being very absent on social media and chats (like omg i'm so sorry to unresponded DM's and Discords. I just currently can't deal with anything—
I'll try to be better qvq )

Hope you have a nice day/night 🖤

(Psd will be available on my Patreon once i get a new video out o7 pic was also released early and is available on HD >v<)
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Are you gonna upload some more speedpaints in the future? I love watching them <3

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Ohh this is so cool :'0 it makes me so happy to see ace positivity like this <3

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The lighting on this is stunning! Beautiful piece as always. And congrats to coming to terms with your identity! I'm ace too ^^

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I like this very much! You have really poured your heart into this. :heart:

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yaaas another ace artist!! Asexual Pride Flag Shooting Star Asexual flag llama emoticon 
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wow that image is beautiful, I like the card because you may know, maybe not ... I'm a big fan of demonic things and magic, so a big thumbs upThumbs up! and the colors really match the image as a reward for lifting my mood , I'll give you a favorite!...By your favorite little ruby! ... you welcome

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i am so happy rn

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This looks amazing!!! I love all the details and the lighting! :love: fav ^^
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ah yes, beautifulllll
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love how this came out. I'm also an ace (tho I fall into the demisexual side) Hope all is well on your side! 
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Yesss, welcome, fellow ace!! It's really exciting to see art related to the ace community, since I feel like we aren't usually a very visible group. (Amazing art, btw - I love the way the light hits her hair!!)

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What a lovely drawing fellow Ace!
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welcome to the ace club lol
as another asexual- it's not that bad- the worst thing is when people are judgmental about it but if someone gonna judge then they ain't worth your time
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Super cool, really love the I guess you could say dramatic lighting and just how everything is color as a whole, very nice work!~ :D

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Rimaaaaa!  I was thinking of you just the other day!  Big hugs, and gorgeous artwork!  God bless you!
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omg we're both ace OwO that card looks really cool :love:
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Hello fellow ace! Welcome to the club! Also, your art is very pretty!

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