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Making of, Amidala Headpiece

By Riluna
And here are some making of pictures from the headpiece of my Queen Amidala costume. If you have questions about how i made it just ask :D. For more pictures of the end result please browse my gallery.

I will be wearing the costume again at the Elf Fantasy Fair April 21th and 22th (Netherlands).
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How did you make the headdress, It looks awesome, It looks exactly like the headdress in the movie
aoiumikitsune's avatar
I would love to have a step by step tutorial on how you made this! :D
Amazing head piece. I'm in the process of making this costume currently. Was a tutorial for this head piece ever created? Also, what base material did you use to create the actual main piece (shown most in top right picture- the bone white colored material)?
Hi! I'm making a Padme costume myself! Could you please tell me where did you get the headpiece mold for it? Thanks! Your cosplay is awesome
Deuggi-Chan's avatar
I plan on cosplaying her to my next con! Do you have a tutorial on styling her hair as well and getting it into the headdress?
GollumsLilHelper's avatar
What is the main crown piece made of?
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Your headpiece is stunning! The whole outfit is anyway :w00t:
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Thank you so much!
VioletWidows's avatar
I'm in love. ^_^
Do you think the tutorial will be done by October 2012? I'd be oh so very happy if possible. ^_^
Riluna's avatar
Ha thank you! I hope so, I really hope I will have time to finish it by than, Though I'm busy graduating right now at the art academy, so I don't have much spare time :(. But I will try! :D
VioletWidows's avatar
Awesome! :D Congrats on graduating, by the way! :o
darkdiety's avatar
hello there~ This headpiece of amidala looks superb~
Was wondering how you did that?
I'm planning to cosplay her in the near future but i guess i still need some tips and tutorials from people with regards to her head piece ( since that part is the most crucial and the hardest one for me).
Thanks so much~ I would really appreciate the help. ^^
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Hello There Darkdiety! Thank you so much for your comment. I'm still planing to make a tutorial for the headpiece.
But being really busy with my graduation projects keeps me from finishing it. I you have any specific questions regarding the headpice or the dress you can also e-mail me. I will try to answer them. :D
arthemise182's avatar
I've been searching for a headpiece like this, not a plastic crappy one. Any chance you'll post a tutorial and/or the pattern for the pieces featured in this picture?
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Thank you fot the comment. I will make a tutorial for this headpiece. But because my graduation project I won't have to time to make it really soon :(
Hello! I think that your job is truly great! I'm going to go to a wedding that is going to be inspired on Star Wars and i would like to be dreesed as Amidala.

I would like to know what kind of hear did you use and how many pieces it is necessary because here in spain it is a little bit expensive!.
ANd, how did you paste it? What kind of glue did you use? Thank you!
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Hello there! Sorry for the late response!
I used 7 strings of fake hear. In the Netherlands one fake hear string was around 6 euro. To get the hear on the wire frame I didn't use glue. Just needle and thread and loads of elastic. :D
I'm really worried because i'm going to go to a wedding and it is going to be inspired in Star wars. I'll hope going in an Amidala Dress, but i think that it's going to be pretty hard to do it.
I would like to know how to put the hear in that way. What do you use to paste and what kind of hear do you use, because it's something really expensive! It's amazing your work!
Love your Queen Amidala head pieces and costumes - the attention to detail is amazing. I am also wanting to create a similar headpiece for a birthday party in July 2012, so I can't wait for your tutorial for the construction detail for this one. I also loved your commment about not letting anyone see you while the doiley is drying for the pre senate headpiece!
Riluna's avatar
Thank you very much for the comment! Because of my graduation project I won't have time to finish the tutorial before July 2012 :(. If you have any questions though about the construction you can alswasy ask :D.
RBSpictures's avatar
OMG i love you! :D... not i just have to figure our how to make the dress :P
Riluna's avatar
There's a making of for that as well :D
I have been looking allover for a proper Amidala head-pice, not the thin plastic one, and this is by far the best. I'd love if you could make a simple how to or something to get me started so I can make my own. If you don't mind.

What sort of materials did you use? Specially to make it in to the proper form, like in the top pic on the right?

Hugely impressed with this, if mine will look half as good as this I'll be thrilled.
Riluna's avatar
Thank you! And sorry for the late reply, but I will be making a tutorial of the headpiece!!
Hope you can wait a little longer :D
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