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Kelly May
United States
I love all of these things;
~Lindsey Stirling
~Glow/neon color/zombie races 5k!
~Rilo Kiley
~The show Weeds <3
~My family
~My friends c:
I'm not on this website to make friends,
Ass kiss some snoody people who live online.
I'm just being Kelly May,
I encourage you to be the best you,
don't worry about me being me. C:
Tonight, excuse me for being blunt friends and family close to this situation, but i've been going through some bullshit with Bryon for two years.
I've been NOWHERE near perfect, but i've turned myself and my life around in a short amount of time.
Tonight, Bryon told me he was just waiting for our lease to be up before he planned on leaving me.
He told me straight up that no matter WHAT I did, it would NEVER be good enough for him.
Don't like that i'm putting this on facebook? Oh well.
My page.

Anyways, in the last two years, we've popped pills together, and smoked A LOT of weed, jesus I met the fucker when he was a weed DEALER while working at a group home.
He was very proud of being able to drink and drive while on the job and smoke.

I was doing the exact same shit, i'm no better- however I wasn't a drunk. I was a depressed girl who escaped my reality with drugs.
I lost my dad, I TURNED MYSELF INTO JAIL to kiss his ass.
Why was I in jail? He supported me stealing to get by.

He let me risky my life doing scams, and he told me sometimes he wished I was a real whore to get money.

A few weeks ago on Saint patties he tried sleeping with his best friend, and stipped down in front of them all.

He abused me, mentally, physically.
For two years.
I loved him with ALL of my heart, and I would of done anything to be accepted by his family. ANYTHING, and now that we started to finally get to that point- he decided that he wanted to leave me, and his daughter tonight.

He told me before that he wanted to go to jail again (after his domestic violence bullshit, and he isn't even licences to work where he is at right now.)
Just so I would get custody and he would be done with us.

"I promise to to take care of your daughter and our baby"
I will NEVER forgive you, EVER for lying to my dad on his deathbed.

I will make sure Vanescence knows what you promised, what you did, and how you left to go 'soul search' because you 'weren't sure' if YOU were happy.

How selfish are you? You sound like how your sister used to be, I hope you know this is what we call ABANDONMENT.
Sound familiar? You're bipolar, and very SAD and thats on YOU to change. FUCK YOU for EVER trying to say it was me who made you like this when you were doing Crack with kyle and his dad before I met you.
Does you mom know that?
I'm no angel, but at least i'm not a aspiring male stripper. -.-

I will NEVER let you back in.
You want to come see Nessance? Fine, contact me and i'll let you know when you can come by.- until we go to court.

You put your hands on me in front of all of our friends, you put holes in the wall, you slammed your head into the freezer, you told me you were a vampire, I was a ghost, we had a son and you wanted to me a assaasian.


Want to go fuck Chrissy, Or any of your other friends? You can now.
I hope it was worth it in the end.

Hate me, I hope this makes it easier, but you already did.

Who, WHO sits there and calls someone they 'love' a worthless piece of trash? What the fuck is wrong with you??

I will save this. I will never lie to nessance, and I know you would tell her straight up you were the reason she couldn't live in a happy family.
You and you're selfishness.

"This is the best thing, that could of happened, any longer I wouldn't of made it.."
And the funny thing is, you told me you used Stefanie for money and sex. That she was boring and you were picking the safe choice.
For her sake I hope she reads this and knows that. I'm sorry I ever let a man make me act so ugly steph.

Remember that ps3, and phone? Well I took my car back from the asshole and i'm keeping everything.
I'm so pissed off it's unreal.

Want to make promises you can't keep, don't open your mouth. You make me sick.
I'm glad i'm finally free.
To be fair to everyone else here, they wanted me to think before I posted this.

What is there to think about?
You've abused me
Cheated on me
USed my FAMILY for what they had, lol
You're a asshole. Get help.

You want back in our lives? You're going to work for it.
Also, i'm glad Chelsea was the one who got away, and the other girl you used for sex and lied to as well.
I hope all of your ex's learn from the mistake I made of becoming Kelly cook.
Quigley was always a cooler last name.

And for you to sit there and tell me to go move to California and take our daughter- you're fucked up for giving up on your child, and your family so easy.
You will never succeed in a relationship the way things are going.

I'm not going to be pushed around by you any more.
I'm free :)

I DO NOT like drama, but this is MY life, and what I went through.
Sorry to the people that is involved in this, I am not sorry for venting to my 136 friends I have on here who are friends and family.

You use people. For money. For a place to stay.
You always told me not to reply on other people- so what the fuck do you have to say for yourself?
"I have another place lined up, I'm done, I know the consequences.'
Have a good life. I really hope you can find happiness.
It will not be with me :)
By the way, I need to get a abortion.
Now is a good time to tell you, huh.

By the way, this is a good thing.
Not a mistake I made.

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