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PE Art Nouveau Exchange: Sadie

By rillystar
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EDIT: From the images I've removed, I'm revamping and watermarking them better and putting them back up. Much less chance of someone swiping them ;) If you want to see a nice print without the watermark any of my prints can be purchased from the site (just cite size you want and the image. All the pricings are the same)

Completed: September 12th, 2004
Inking completed: September 12, 2004

Whew my hand has about fallen off. Penciled then inked by hand, then coloured in Photoshop 7. The inking alone for this piece took me a few hours - it may not look that complicated but the way I ink is very meticulous. I would upload a bigger picture so you could see the details but...then it'd be huuuge. The colouring in Photoshop again took me a long time but I'm quite happy with the results.

This exchange just didn't want to work for me. I researched the nouveau style (one I am not entirely familiar with) and found to my dismay that it was quite different than my spare anime-esque style. So after throwing away a butt load of sketches I finally had the character pose I wanted in a style sort of resembling nouveau with a bit of my own flare (I think so at least) - not your typical nouveau pose but Sarah's character to mee seemed to be much more dynamic than is seen in your typical nouveau female figure.

Anyhoo that done I had loads of trouble thinking of a background - this coupled with my real life putting a stop on pretty much everything extra curricular (see my journals) I had to put this on hold (it was due Aug 31st....I feel so bad having it this late). Anyhoo I got down to it and well had to toss out several ideas for backgrounds. I finally went for a more abstract look and I think it suits rather well. Waaay more detail than I usually put into a pic. I had to ink this several times to get the line varience just right and when I took a break last night from inking my hand was absolutely sore.

The cg came rather easily once I'd prepped everything in my control freakish way and settled on colours. Trying to force myself to do more cg so that I get better and faster at it.

Anyhoo sorry about the watermark thingy. All my new art will have it since the art theft fiasco a while back, I want to make sure that it's a pain in the butt to steal my stuffs. Going to see if Sarah will let me sell prints of this one because I'm really proud of it....*crosses fingers*

Sadie (c) Sarah Combs
image (c) rillystar
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blackthornart's avatar
wow!!!!! very nice detail :heart:
rillystar's avatar
thanks XD this one took ages to ink and colour. But it was a lot of fun!
blackthornart's avatar
your welcome :hug: worth it though, it looks really good :D
rillystar's avatar
aw thanks. I can say that I'd never done nouveau before so it was a lot of fun too XD
blackthornart's avatar
your welcome :D it very nicely done :heart:
yumemi's avatar
wow, very pretty! Well worth all the hard work, this is wonderful! ^-^
rillystar's avatar
awwww thanks! I might work myself up to doing something like this again someday.....
mesiaste's avatar
It's amazing! I love all the details and colours! Great work! :heart:

rillystar's avatar
Wow Mesi~! long time no hear lol

guess I been a bad rilly :) so busy with new job and all T-T and this daunting Sketchbook exchange lol

Really glad you like this one though. I'm still rather proud of it :3 hee~! hopefully I'll be able to top this one sometime soon!

:hug: and franks for the +fav
mesiaste's avatar
:glomp: I'm happy to hear from You again =D
Oh, You got a new job? That's great!
No problem- I faved Your work because it's realy great :nod:

rillystar's avatar
well more of a promotion than a new job :) it's good though cause I was beginning to wonder if I would stay if I didn't have any advancement oppertunities.

anyhoo what's new with you?

You prolly didn't hear from me because I was so busy and with so much going on in my family life I had to take everyone off my watch list. I posted back a while that if people wanted back on they'd have to let me know otherwise I was just going to leave them off...I just don't have the time to be on DA so much anymore to keep up
rabid-potato's avatar
Y'know, I don't think I ever actually commented on this, and I don't really know why! It's absolutely stunning, I think it's one of the best of the art nouveau pieces because it's so different and so elegantly done. Gorgeous work, Rilly! ^__^
rillystar's avatar
awwww and a +fav too :3 frank you so much~!

It really makes it worth it to have so much good feedback on this one ;3
rabid-potato's avatar
It's so beautiful! You deserve the feedback, Rilly- your art is so delicate and has such a unique touch that's all your own. ^^
rillystar's avatar
awwww thanks :3 it's nice to hear that since so often you get the 'oh your style looks like you copied it from so-and-so' or 'oh your anime style...(insert random rambling generic observation)'

:) so it makes me happyyyyyyyy :3
rabid-potato's avatar
I get that too. People who have no idea what they're talking about say "oh, that looks like what's-it-called, Pokeyman?" (actual quote, too.) ;______;
But I think your style is distinctly Rilly, and I've never seen any style quite like yours. So I think they're full of monkey turds. *g*
eveyw's avatar
I dunno how I've missed this (probably because I've been avoiding DA for a while), but this is definitely my favorite pic out of all the ones in your gallery. *__* I totally love the art noveau design and composition, and the character's expression looks so incredibly sad.

And man, all those frilly things look like hell to draw and ink. o_+
rillystar's avatar
good god the streamers took ages. But I was being lazy (and created more work for myself funnily enough) and didn't want to do a lot of detailing and didn't know how to integrate parts of the pic....the streamers just worked for me.

Heh sometimes I try to avoid DA...but I know when I get back there will be loads of devis and comments waiting for me >.<
doranobaka's avatar
Wow. This is gorgeous and I think I might want to have your children. o.o :heart:
rillystar's avatar
lol dora you're so funny :)

I'm glad you like it...I'm really proud of this one :3

and the children bit...might be hard dora ROFL though I can draw some up if I get motivated rofl and pretend!
brianne333's avatar
The detail in this is just crazy Rilly, you so obviously put a lot of time into it. I love it, the design is amazing!
rillystar's avatar
it broke my brain and hand for a few days lol.


thank you Brianne for being so patient and stuffs :)
JudithMayr's avatar
This really has to be one of your most awesome pieces ever, Rilly. The detail is simply mind-blowing. And the character's pose speaks volumes. She seems so sad for one moment... just to look somehow determined in the next one.

Really worth the work.
rillystar's avatar
awww franks Jude :) *hugglies* I had loads of problems with this one...I didn't have much to go on for the chara but she seemed much more dynamic and active than a lot of those passive nouveau poses....but I think I sort of fudged it without horribly mangling the style lol.'s not as detailed as some but man my hand was hating me for quite a few days after...prolly didn't help that I had just finished cging that Yuki picture and then going straight into this intense one :3

But I am still really proud of this one....
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