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Brush Pack - Ink And Brush

Several people have requested these brushes, so here they are! :D These are the brushes I used to make the Tang Yin master copy

Want a transparent png of the base brushes?

I made a newer (very similar) brushpack from the brushes I use to make my webcomic:

I've put these brushes under a Creative Commons license. You're welcome to use them on your own pieces, pick them apart and make new brushes, and to redistribute this brush pack modified or unmodified.

If you like these brushes, you can send me a tip through Ko-Fi:
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amazing thanks..

Wow! This looks amazing! Thank you!!

Thanks for your generosity.

Amazing job. Thank you!

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thank you so very much

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thank you so much
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thank you so much!
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You're welcome! :D
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Thanks for the brushes (I really cannot remember which brush I used so I'm including both in the event I had used both. This is what I get for making digital art at a late hour)! Was able to create something my D&D character would have made of what she thought would represent their adventuring groups emblem/logo. Silverblades Emblem
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I like the emblem! It's always nice to see what people have made with (possibly) my brushes. :)
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