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wolf feather painting - sold

By rileymai
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I am fully aware of the origin of this feather, and that I shouldn't have painted on it or sold it. Since it was two years ago and I am no longer in possession of this feather or any others I shouldn't be, there is no need to remind me of my past mistake. Thank you.
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Don't worry too much; we had tons of those around our farm, since we had a pair or two of them nesting on our property...I kept some myself as reminders of that home... :shh:

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Umm you might want to get a POSITIVE ID on a feather next time before you paint on it, much less sell it. That is not a turkey feather, it's an owl feather (Barn owl by the light coloring or a great horned by the pattern- but definitely owl). In the US illegal to posses such feathers, and moreso to sell them- check the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918.
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Yes I know, I'm fully aware of that now but thanks for reminding me. If you had read any of the comments above yours, I have already been made aware what type of feather this is and do feel guilty about it. I was misinformed previously before I even painted on this feather about what type of bird it was from however long ago. At least I didn't do something horrible and shoot the owl or something to get the feather - I found outdoors in a wooded area when I was twelve, which was almost ten years ago. I apologize my twelve-year-old self didn't understand the significance of picking up a feather off the ground without realizing which bird it had come from. I realize that it was irresponsible of me to paint on it and sell it, but I am no longer in possession of it or any other feathers and have not sold any I do not know the origin of.
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Sorry for not reading the comments. I was scanning through lots of feather art when I ran across this. I'm seeing what others have done before I paint my own. I've got several feathers from my bird (a sun conure) and was curious if anyone else had done what I've got in mind. I flipped through the comments, but only saw "Cool painting!"-esque comments and missed the -one- that mentioned it was an owl feather. Sorry about that.
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i love father paintings
but how could you paint over a great horned owl feather that's wonderful all by itself!?!
lol, j/k
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woah buddy..
by now, of course I realized that it wasn't what I thought it was (I was kinda silly and thought I had picked up a turkey feather -facepalm- it was /years/ ago) but I had thought it had belonged to a hawk.. I guess it does really look like a great horned owl feather.. bugggers. o.o

thanks for clarifying xB
the-bumble-bee-one's avatar
that's ok
you've made it wonderful
but for future reference, owl feathers tend to be a lot softer (and if you examine one closely you may even see it looks furry) because they have extra fringe to silence the feathers since they're nocturnal and don't want to startle their prey, wheareas hawks and falcons and eagles are diurnal, so it doesn't matter if it's prey can't hear it, they can see it
so if you take a bird of prey feather that's not an owl one, and flap it really hard, it should be pretty audible
wow, i wrote more than i intended
if you didn't want to know, i respect that, and i apologize for my :spam:
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oh no, that's actually really helpful! ^^ I'm good with mammals (both the wild and domestic variety) and some reptiles, but I definitely could use some schooling in birds. X3

I have actually been recently looking up the legality of feathers and what ones you can own, and now and will in the future only use turkey feathers. No need to break the law, even if I was unaware of what I actually had. X3
the-bumble-bee-one's avatar
i applaud you for your research!
the world needs more people like you
artistic and knowledgeable
rileymai's avatar
oh you're way to nice X3

the-bumble-bee-one's avatar
damn typos >:O
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dang-o...complete awesomeness and stuff
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thanks! ^___^

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cannot believe I missed this Oo it is love .
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you are definately welcome ^^
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Wow... feather! =D
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thank yooouuu!
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I can't help but say this goes beyond awesome.
I mean, extradorinary!!! Seriously, taking lovely work like yours and moving the canvas to a feather!
rileymai's avatar

seriously, I can't say thank you enough. ^__^

ShadowSweeper's avatar
You're welcome. If I had a paypal account, I'd buy it ^^;
rileymai's avatar
.. seriously?


heh, one of those people who don't trust money orders, hm? XD
ShadowSweeper's avatar
Something like that :P
But ya, if I ever do, you'll be one of the first i'll splurge on :D
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