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Chapter 3: Riley's Third Dream
Riley was too baffled by the sheer impossibility of this being the cat from the dream to even speak. Jenny seemed surprised to see Riley as well, tough not as much as she was able to speak rather calmly. "I swear I have seen that face before" thought Jenny. "But where?" Mike asked Riley what was wrong. "Um...I need to go home and think this over...bye Mike" Riley rushed out the door and went home. "He seemed to be in a hurry. what do you think his problem was, Jenny?" She didn't respond. She just put her paw on her chin and went back upstairs. Meanwhile, at Riley's house, Riley was in his room sitting on his bed and thinking things over. "Could Jenny really be the cat from the dream?" he thought "Or was it just a coincidence that they looked exactly the same? I don't know. this is all too much for me to handle. Maybe another good night's sleep could make me feel better." Riley turned the light off and lied down. when he fell asleep, he saw clouds again. just like the first dream. he di
:iconrileybadger13:rileybadger13 0 3
Chapter 2 - The Dojo and the Wolf.
When Riley got to the Furenca school of marshal arts, he stopped to think about just who this mysterious cat was. He wondered
why she told him to go here. He knocked on the door. When the door opened, he was greeted by a tall grey wolf. "The name’s
Mike." He said. "So what brings you to our dojo today?" " you by any chance know about 7 multi-colored magical paws?"
Riley wondered why he said that. It’s not like they are real. Sometimes that dream seemed too real. "Pardon me, little boy?" Said
Mike. he sounded nervous. "Nevermind" said Riley. Mike takes him inside and shows him around. When you first walk in, there is an enrollment desk
with papers scattered about. "This is where you would sign up if you decide to stay" said Mike. He then showed him the main
area. There were other animals training. "This is our training area as you can see" said Mike "We teach a variety of techniques
here. Such as the lion’s strength, the cunning fox, and my personal favorite;,
:iconrileybadger13:rileybadger13 0 3
Chapter 1: Riley the Badger
You ever have those dreams that seem logical when your having them? But then when you wake up you wonder who or what caused
you to have it? That was the case for Riley B. Scott. Riley is a young Badger around the age of 14. He is an average boy growing
up in the small town of Furenca. But that’s besides the point. Remember how I said he had a dream? Well that’s where our story
begins. The dream started with a wonderful view of the clouds. Riley then saw a black cat beckon him away. There was
something about this cat that intrigued Riley. Riley followed the cat until she stopped. Something appeared to be emerging from
the clouds. They looked like paws in the colors of the rainbow.They were glowing. As if there was magic in them. Then a lion
appeared. It looked as if the lion was trying to use the paws for evil. The cat was trying to stop the lion but it was futile. The paws
started floating and spinning around. They appeared to be summoning something. Riley noticed a faint s
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i found this while poking around on IGN....
it's a review for minecraft.

"Game is the worst ever made. Here's the reasons (for single layer survival mode):

Weapon enchantment/repair sucks, you can't make OP equipments (like fully enchanted bow),

Graphics sucks,

0% reality game,

You lose all your items when you die,

When you go to bed and wake up the monsters still there and your crops didn't growth,

No Tutorial for WHAT to do,

There's bunch of different worlds,

There are no XZ limit, meaning that you have to go far to find rare biomes,

You have to make your own map,

Hard to find home if you go to an adventure,

Sometimes you spawn in a island in the middle of the ocean (when creating a new world),

You can kill your own pet,

Lag as hell (because of it being made on Java, the slowest Programming Language ever),

No tutorial for HOW to do things,

You have to keep looking at wiki to know how to craft items,

You have to save important locations in the Windows Notepad,

You need to use the F3 button,

Cows in floating Islands (how the hell they get there? ),

You have to hold your map to use it (it doesn't appear in the corner of your screen, like REAL games do),

Villagers house are bad generated (door covered with blocks, door at 4 blocks above you, etc)

Compass points to the spawn point instead of pointing to the north,

The Moon appears just at the night,

Clouds, sun, moon, go ever to the west

Minecraft = Trash game."

my god. if someone can find i worse and more oblivious review than this of ANY game, you deserve a medal.

P.S. i never play minecraft because my computer is gone, but i do love the game and it's mechanics and community.


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hello. i am Ricky robin. i am really hoping to become an artist but i am not very good at drawing. my hands are too shaky. if it is possible, please donate points to support my novel if you enjoy it. i may get it piblished once i'm done.
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