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"Look who's under the mistletoe!" Aqua crowed drunkenly, giggling against her boyfriend Terra. Kairi blushed bright red as she looked up, seeing the bundle of leaves with white berries hanging above the doorway she and Sora were standing in. She stood on her tiptoes to pick a berry off and gave Sora a quick peck on the lips that left him looking slightly dazed.
Aqua giggled some more as she turned her gaze to her small blonde friend, smile widening as she hatched an idea. "Hey Venny, come over here a sec." The blonde in question made his way over to her, stumbling a bit when she tossed an arm over his shoulder, "You alright, Aqua?" She nodded as she knocked back the last of her drink, "Yeah, Terra's watching me to make sure I don't drink too much. Anyway, I just thought of something. Did you ever tell Vanitas that you liked him?"
Ven's eyes widened slightly and he shushed her, "Don't say that so loud, I don't want all of Radiant Garden High to know. To answer your question, no I haven'
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Mature content
Whipped Cream :iconrikuxsoralover:RikuXSoraLover 1 0
Triple Threat - Roxion
Zexion POV
I sat with my back against a tree in the center of the courtyard, a book in my lap. "Hey Zexion!" I looked up to see a boy with platinum blonde hair running towards me from across the courtyard. "Zex, c'mon. Come with me to the auditorium. I heard that their department is working on the show. Axel's there." I laughed at the tall blonde sitarist, bouncing around like an excited puppy.
"C'mon! Roxas will be there too." This caught my attention more then anything else he said, "Roxas?" Demyx's eyes lit up, "Yeah! Now hurry up." I collected my books, piled them into my bag and took off across the campus with Demyx. A few minutes later, we skidded to a halt outside the auditorium's double glass doors. We walked in the lobby-like entrance and then silently down the aisle. The people on stage probably couldn't see us because only the stage lights were on.
I didn't know what their play was this year, but I figured it out when I saw the banner above the stage; Tim Burton's Alice in W
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Marked 9
Roxas saw her lips move the slightest bit just before he heard Rikku and Paine congratulate them on working so well together.
If Roxas didn't know how to read lips, he probably wouldn't have been so confused about what she'd just mouthed: "He's just like my Ven..."
'Just who IS this girl?!'

Roxas then saw Zexion walk into the room, heading straight for Rikku and Paine. The blonde's mood automatically lifted when he knew Zexion was in the room, even if he did  have a serious face as he talked quietly to the professors across the room.
Roxas walked towards Aqua and, as he got closer, her wandering eyes and mind focused on him.
"Um, Aqua? Sorry to say this, but you may be out of a partner in a second."
This got her interest, "Oh? That's your partner?" Aqua's drop blue eyes scrutinized Zexion from across the room.
After a few seconds, Aqua nodded her head as if in approval. "He seems like a good one for you. Loyal, fierce, determined, caring, loving. I hope he's it."
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Marked 8
Roxas looked around the gym and saw some kids practicing with their magick while other just stayed in groups and talked amongst themselves. Just as he was turning around to talk to his own friends, he heard Axel shout, "Roxas! Watch out!"
The blonde sensed some kind of magickal energy heading his way so he instinctively held out his hands in the direction it was coming from. Before he knew what was happening, Roxas saw his hands glow silver then blue as a wall of water appeared before him, splashing in all directions when the ball of fire hit it.
Roxas shook his damp hair as he heard the kids who were unlucky enough to be within range of the splash complain at Axel and himself.
Zexion walked up to him and said, "Roxas, what was that?"
Roxas shrugged, running a pair of heated hands through his blonde spikes, "I dunno. Why was Axel throwing a ball of fire at me?" Zexion shook his head, "He meant to throw it towards the ceiling but someone," here his blue eyes shot to
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Comfortable- Adommy
Tommy POV
The screaming crowd seemed to get louder as Adam sang the final notes of 20th Century Boy, his powerful voice ringing through the building. The raven-haired turned in a circle one last time, the lights behind us blazing brightly.
"Thank you, Indiana! Thank you!" Adam said into the microphone before he bowed, waving to the crowd.
I slipped the bass guitar and it's strap over my head and walked backstage, handing my bass to our guitar tech, Vince, who gave me a cold bottle of water.
I heard a female voice behind me just as the cold bottle touched my lips, "Tommy!"
I turned to see Brooke holding back her thick, curly brown hair with one hand, a large hair clip in the other one. Adam walked with her, one hand around her waist, the other running through his glittery, black hair.
"Hey Glitterbaby. Brooke and I were thinking we could all go back to the hotel, change clothes, and go out to the club here in town. Monte, Sasha, Terrence, Taylor and Cam are in, what about you?"
I sighed
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Marked 7
"What? What do those things on Demyx's wrist have to do with Angela and Saki," Roxas asked. Zexion didn't respond, Master Xehanort did, "You may learn why it's good for you to feed on your classmates as a student sooner then planned, Roxas."  
The blonde looked back and forth between Demyx, Angela, Master Xehanort, Zexion and back again, "W-What-"
"Don't ask questions right now Roxas, we'll talk about this later. For now we need to get everyone back to school," Xehanort interrupted, silencing the blonde male. As Roxas' classmates started appearing and gathered around their silver-haired headmaster; Roxas, Zexion, Angela, Demyx, Sora and Riku each laid a hand on Master Xehanort's arms and began mumbling the same spell that brought them past the school's protective barrier.
When Master Xehanort made sure all seventeen students were there, he too leant his deep voice to those already speaking in unison.
A white light flashed behind Roxas' closed eyes then he could faintly
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That Beauiful Boy 6
Adam POV
As I entered the cold, quiet administrative office, I looked around and saw a sign-in/sign-out sheet next to a woman studying papers at a large desk.
After I signed my name and the time I asked, "Ms. Mayo? Mr. Gettig told me to come in and see him before lunch hour, is he in his office?"
She looked up at me and smiled gently and nodded her head in the direction of the hall of doors,"Yes Mr. Lambert, I remember. He should be in his office but he might be eating lunch because I just saw his wife leave. Go ahead darling."
I walked down the hall, looking at the nameplates until I saw one that said "Principle, Mr. David Gettig' across the smooth gold nameplate.
I knocked and heard a deep, elderly voice come from behind the door, "Come in."
I opened the door to see a grey-haired Mr. Gettig sitting a little away from his desk eating still steaming Chinese food.
"Lambert. I almost forgot you were stopping by! Excuse me for a moment." Mr. Gettig turned in his chair and
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OC story: First Meeting
Angela POV
"Why do I have to come with you so you can see your girlfriend, Yuffie?"
My roommate Yuffie turned and smiled sweetly at me and replied, "'Cause your the bestest person in the world and you love me."
I rolled my eyes at her answer. But it was true, I've been her roommate for a year now and i love her like a sister.
"Besides, I wanna meet Kairi's new roommate. I heard she's a first year. She's apparently really sweet and super pretty. Hey, does this shirt match with this skirt?"
I looked up from my notebook and saw Yuffie holding up a shirt and skirt that didn't look right together on her.
Trying to be nice I suggested, "Hey Fi, why don't you wear that one pink shirt on your bed and the black skirt I see lying on your dresser? That'd look cute on you."
She snapped her fingers together and flung the clothes in her hands onto her bedside table, "Why didn't I think of that?"
As she walked across the room to stand in front of her full length mirror, she beckoned
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Mature content
Sweat Adommy :iconrikuxsoralover:RikuXSoraLover 13 16
That Beautiful Boy 5
Tommy POV
Adam and I walked past Dr. Siobhan's office and I called, "Hey Dr. Siobhan!"
She looked back from her computer and smiled, "Hi Tommy. What are you doing here, Adam?" Adam smiled gently at her and replied, "Tommy wanted to introduce me to the other members of the band he's in and I agreed to come."
She nodded approvingly, "Okay. You guys, don't be so loud up there. The rooms are soundproof but I can tell when people are playing around instead of practicing."
We both nodded and walked to the other side of the open hall towards the stairwell that led up to the practice rooms.
I saw a figure leaning against the railing, a guy with short, spiky black hair with a white cord running from his ears to his left back pocket.
"Hey Monte! Monte," I called as we climbed the stairs. When he didn't look at me I told Adam, "The fucker probably has his music up really loud. He's the other guitar player, Monte Pittman. He's really good, you'll see."
As we rounded the corner, his head
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Marked 6
Last Time~
"And now, it's your turn," the students heard their headmaster say behind them with a smile across his face.
"For w-what," Rose asked, quietly.
"Don't worry kids, it's not hard. I'm just messing with ya. Follow me and I'll explain on the way."
The six students looked at each other, scared and unsure, but followed the headmaster into the double doors of the hospital.
The moment they stepped foot into the quiet white building, the smell of antiseptic, along with an undercurrent of sickness and death, hit all six students' extra-sensitive sense of smell.
All, except for Xehanort, wrinkled their noses, a look of disgust across their faces.
"Ew! What's that awful stench?!"
Roxas looked behind the group to see Angela looking thoroughly disgusted, fingers cinching her nose shut.
That smell, my dear, is probably the years of sickness and death that this building has seen since it was founded. Be warned that the smell will get worse as we go deeper into the hospital
:iconrikuxsoralover:RikuXSoraLover 4 5
Personal Info~
Full Name: Rosemary Ann Zeklos
Occupation: 1st year student at Ishida Private Academy for Gifted Teens
Personality: Very sweet and caring. Defends and protects people she cares for. Blushes easily. Content with simple pleasures in life. Very imaginative. Uses polite language and can be very self-conscious about her own actions. Touches people she's very comfortable with. Emotions are easy to read and can be very enthusiastic.
Sex: Female
Marked: During 1st year to Angela. Marks are on her left thigh just below the skirt line.
Orientation: Lesbian
Relationship Status: Taken by Angela
Roommate: Kairi
Friends: Kairi, Yuffie, Namine, Tifa, Demyx, Reno, Roxas, Sora, Zexion, Riku
Age: 15
Height: 5'2"
Likes: Writing poems and romance stories, swimming at night, mermaids, faeries, the ocean
Dislikes: Violence, hatred
Phobias: Loneliness, bugs
Favorite Food: Sushi
:iconrikuxsoralover:RikuXSoraLover 0 0
Angela Jaci
Personal Info~
Full Name: Angela Nicole Jaci
Occupation: 2nd year student at Ishida Private Academy for Gifted Teens
Personality: Very moody. Really funny and easy to talk to but very proud and stubborn. Kind but childish. Has an attitude but warms up to you quickly. Easy to anger but hides it by being rude. Chews on guitar pick when deep in thought during class.
Sex: Female
Marked: During 2nd year to Saki. Marks are on the left side of the base of her neck.
Orientation: Bisexual
Relationship Status: Taken by Saki
Roommate: Yuffie
Friends: Yuffie, Kairi, Namine, Tifa, Demyx, Axel, Reno, Marluxia, Roxas, Sora, Zexion, Riku
Age: 16
Height: 5'6"
Likes: Singing, playing guitar, writing music and fantasy stories
Dislikes: Being told what to do, being controlled, being used
Phobias: Spiders, lonliness
Favorite Food: Sea Salt Ice Cream
Least Favorite: Vegetables
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Tommy ID by RikuXSoraLover Tommy ID :iconrikuxsoralover:RikuXSoraLover 9 8
That Beautiful Boy 4
Tommy POV
The rumors were true. Adam looked so comfortable on the stage reciting the Mad Hatter's lines in our production of Alice in Wonderland. When he was finished, a silence settled over the class for a few moments before the applause erupted loudly.
I saw Adam meet eyes with Eli, who's mouth was dropped open in shock. He smirked in satisfaction and then turned to Mrs. Robles to see what she thought of his performance.
She walked up the stage steps, no sort of emotion showing on her face. Adam's smile wavered a tiny bit, but then it got even brighter as Mrs. Robles turned her back to the students and spoke to him quietly.
She then turned to our class, a smile almost as big and bright as Adam's gracing her face, "Okay class, now that we've found our main character, the Mad Hatter, let's continue yesterday's class discussion about what we are going to do about the costumes."
Eli spoke up then, "Wait Mrs. Robles! I thought you had given me the role of the Mad Hatter,
:iconrikuxsoralover:RikuXSoraLover 19 48
my stories, cosplay pics, and other random pics! go take a look!


Chibi Italy and Germany by SparxPunx Chibi Italy and Germany :iconsparxpunx:SparxPunx 491 30 HRE x Chibitalia Pattern by TriaElf9 HRE x Chibitalia Pattern :icontriaelf9:TriaElf9 212 25 Italy x Germany Pattern - APH by TriaElf9 Italy x Germany Pattern - APH :icontriaelf9:TriaElf9 1,138 69 APH - Germany and Italy by BlazeCK-PL APH - Germany and Italy :iconblazeck-pl:BlazeCK-PL 1,745 294 GERMANY by L337M4573RM1R4ND4 GERMANY :iconl337m4573rm1r4nd4:L337M4573RM1R4ND4 1,452 441 Random Chibi 2 by KuroKageHane Random Chibi 2 :iconkurokagehane:KuroKageHane 1 0 Roxas chibi doll and his hat by roxas-super-fangirl Roxas chibi doll and his hat :iconroxas-super-fangirl:roxas-super-fangirl 10 1 My love and me by kawaiicara-chan My love and me :iconkawaiicara-chan:kawaiicara-chan 8 30
The X-blade Wielder Chapter 37
Arya was the first to recover, and quickly performed the bow in the correct way.  "Atra du evínya ono varda," she replied, continuing the elvish greeting.  Eragon and Saphira recovered at this, and also continued the elvish greeting.
Heavyn smiled at this, and finished with, "Un atra mor'ranr lífa unin hjarta onr," the optional third and final line of the greeting.
As she did this, her friends looked at the four of them with confusion.
"Um, Heavyn… what did you just do?" asked Sora.
Heavyn looked back at her friends.  "I just greeted them the traditional elvish way," she replied, shrugging her shoulders.
"Yes, but how do you know so much about our customs?" asked Arya politely.  As Heavyn looked at her, however, she could still see the suspicion lurking just below the surface.
Heavyn closed her eyes in thought, then opened them as answered honestly, "Because I come from a world that documents some of the tales of Alagaësia, an
:iconcmsully:cmsully 112 60
Voodoo by MsLambert21Rain Voodoo :iconmslambert21rain:MsLambert21Rain 34 26 James and Bellatrix by KellyJane James and Bellatrix :iconkellyjane:KellyJane 892 249
Mature content
Finished Adommy Reboot :iconaxxel-roxxas:axxel-roxxas 50 45
.:Lily and Narcissa:. by One-Sky-One-Destiny .:Lily and Narcissa:. :iconone-sky-one-destiny:One-Sky-One-Destiny 916 263 Tommy you're doing it wrong by guitargod1313 Tommy you're doing it wrong :iconguitargod1313:guitargod1313 23 197 What's Tommy looking at?? by obsessiveone1 What's Tommy looking at?? :iconobsessiveone1:obsessiveone1 63 48 Happy Much Tommy? by digimonlover06 Happy Much Tommy? :icondigimonlover06:digimonlover06 66 18






Chelsea G
United States
he's gorgeous, blonde, funny, crazy(in a good way), and an all around sweetheart just like his boss, Adam Lambert! I love Tommy:heart::heart::heart:

Basically all u need to know about me is that i'm a girl(obviously^^'), i'm bisexual and taken by a sweet brown-eyed boy! (homophobes GTFO!), and that i'm a yaoi obsessed fangirl=)

my fav couples r:
:bulletred: AkuRoku(Axel/Roxas):bulletblue:
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:bulletred:AkuMaru (Axel/Marluxia):bulletpink:
and many others from Kingdom Hearts

I was born on the day of Xemnas, Zexion
In the month of Xemnas
In the year of Xemnas, Demyx, Demyx, Lexaeus
And I'm Xemnas, Zexion years old.
My favorite number is Demyx
But my lucky number is Vexen
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Don't be afraid to wear glitter ;D
~Adam Lambert

-Adam Lambert

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Total Akki/Gure fan!!! x3
Akito is my God.

KellyJane+Jenn=True Love 4everr
total ParlePro fangirl!!:heart:

What each Kiss means:
+Kiss on the Stomach = "I'm ready"
+Kiss on the Forehead = "I hope we're together forever"
+Kiss on the Ear = "You're my everything"
+Kiss on the Cheek = "We're friends"
+Kiss on the Hand = "I adore you"
+Kiss on the Neck = "We belong together"
+Kiss on the Shoulder = "I want you"
+Kiss on the Lips = "I love you"

What the gesture means:
+Holding Hands = "We definitely love each other"
+Slap on the Butt = "That's mine"
+Holding on tight = "I don't want to let go"
+Looking into each other's Eyes = "I just plain love you"
+Playing with Hair = "Tell me you love me"
+Arms around the Waist = "I love you too much to let go"
+Laughing while Kissing = "I am completely comfortable with you"
+Picking someone up off their feet = "That they love them fully and would do anything for them"

My KH buddiez~
If yew wanna be on this list, note or cmmt me plz=D
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My Axel- :iconkohakumoon3: (the bestie^^)
My 2nd Axel- :icondarcyeverlasting: (the 2nd bestie and i'm also her personal ninja! lol) :iconninjaglompplz:

I love my Glamily!!! I've met alot of girls that i love to death. All the Glamberts are insane and super funny to talk to. i just wish i knew some at my school.>.<

Current Residence: in Tommy Joe Ratliff's closet:)
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Personal Quote: "Love is love. No matter who you find it in...."
hey guys!! i'm alive!! *halleluja chorus*

i'm so sorry i've been virtually DEAD for the past few months, grounded from the computer>.<

but i'm back! and i have a lot of stories to type so please be patient. I should be able to get them all up within the week but I'm not sure, for some reason I'm really paranoid about people watching me type at school and my boyfriend reading my stuff as i type):

this is a very short journal but i have explained a little bit better in my A/N for Marked 7 (go check it out i you haven't yet!--->… )

well i'll talk to you ppls tmrw.

bye byez~
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