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Female poses - fighting

By RikuGloomy
Fighting stances study for women.
Some of these poses mustn't be unfamiliar for many of you, I'm certain.
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I used one of your poses in my artwork as reference ♥
[DB OC] Nami SSJ | PURPLE AURA by ArticxsDesign   [ DB OC ] Nami SSJ | BLUE AURA by ArticxsDesign   [DB OC] Nami by ArticxsDesign   [DB OC] Nami SSJ BLUE by ArticxsDesign  
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May I ask if you've had any sort of professional training or did you use some mannequins? 
BrainyxBat's avatar
I used one of these! It really helped! Poses are one of my weak areas, along with head shapes.

Venus BH 6 Superhero Uniform by BrainyxBat
MadamationsART's avatar
Super cool! I will probably reference this at some point
Karebear-4ever's avatar
Medusa Gorgon by Karebear-4ever
Thank you for making this reference sheet! It helped me a lot :)
Yoshi-kage-kira's avatar
What is this pose name ?
Karebear-4ever's avatar
Umm, you know I'm actually not sure? I think it's just a fantasy martial arts pose. Sorry I couldn't be more help ^^;
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Gavina Fauwn mid coloring stage by AroraFireFox  I used one of your poses to help me know how to make this. Thank you ^_^
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may I use this as a reference?
Tank50us's avatar
Used the big one on the left to cook this up:
XStreamChaosOfficial's avatar
Hey! Is it okay if I use these as practice? I'm not gonna upload any of the sketches I do of this. I just need practice XD
Gelefant's avatar
These, as well as your male ones, are AWESOME poses. Keep up the great work, RikuGloomy. :-)
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Hope it's alright that I used some as reference?
HereForYou2010's avatar
Overall these look great. Some need a little work for the movement of a female though.
PatootieCutie's avatar
Hate to tell you, but that's not how boobs work at all.
T0xicCartoonZ's avatar
have you ever drawn female fighting poses with a bow staff?
susanoo0's avatar
There are amazing :D
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