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Discord -- Terrifying Work of Art

A terrible catastrophe played by your symphony,
what a terrifying work of art!


:star:Tumblr Post --> [link]

Discord is my ultimate favourite character out of MLP:FiM, I just needed to design and make a human-version cosplay of him!

Photographer: My Mom
Discord: Me~ :iconriku-ryou:

Song about Discord that got me interested in MLP: [link]

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
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Oh my god i love the song Discord
thatbakaotaku's avatar
oh my god... this is just awesome!!!
Discord Kingdom Hearts style. LOOOOVE IT~!
soldier-1's avatar

my old plush animal are more terrifying than this...
SmoresDragon's avatar
May I ask where You got (or how You made) Your rings? I'm gonna be making a Smaug cosplay soon and i wanted something kinda like those for it ^u^
GabyGirl1243's avatar
wow está magnifico <3
Sorashii's avatar
Wow this is beautiful! The best Discord cosplay I've ever seen by far :D
How did you attach the horns if I may ask? They look great!
RollinStar's avatar
I love that song. It is my favorite pony-related song in the WORLD.

And that is an excellent human!Discord you've got there.
Riku-Ryou's avatar
Haha same here! Both versions of it even, haha, it's such a perfect song *u*
And thank you!! :heart:
Frost-Paw123's avatar
I love dem eyes~ XD
MonochromaticFox's avatar
That's so awesome!
Immarumwhore's avatar
:D awesome! i do did an original humanoid version of him. I love chaotic villians >:P
Kiwigirl4377's avatar
Friggin amazing!!!!!!!!!!
XxRainbowDashRulesxX's avatar
whiskeypeak's avatar
This is a really cool design, and very nice execution. Very creative and very in-tune with the character!
WiksPhotography's avatar
Best Discord ever.
kkanimegirl's avatar
*O* It still amazes me that something THIS awesome comes from MLP XD
loser018's avatar
Urrrr! This is so awesome! How did you make your claws/talons?
Riku-Ryou's avatar
Thank you so much, ahh :la:
Sorry for the super late response!
I bought them off of Etsy :dance: I saw them one night and was like "OMG THESE ARE PERFECT" :XD:
loser018's avatar
Hehe, that's awesome. Need to get a pair of those.
Calon-QwaSage's avatar
Interesting shot, this is an amazing cosplay photo.
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