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Discord -- Spirit of MISCHIEF

I just had to.
Because Loki.
And Because Discord.


:star:Tumblr Post --> [link]

Discord is my ultimate favourite character out of MLP:FiM, I just needed to design and make a human-version cosplay of him!

Photographer: My Mom
Discord: Me~ :iconriku-ryou:
:star:Cosmic Scepter: Lovely gift from :iconaicosu:

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
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The scepter is just blew me away~! It goes great with ur cosplay~!
jaknova1's avatar
just sheer awesomeness
jaknova1's avatar
pure awesomeness
Threvlin's avatar
Yep, that right there is pretty fantastic.
DreamsComeTroo's avatar
Yay more discord!!! I actually wanted to cosplay Shining Armor since I've seen him- but I had already settled on Applejack! -Sighs- Maybe in the future!
Riku-Ryou's avatar
Discord is best pony =P
Oh my gosh Shining Armor would be such a cool cosplay :la:
I know I wanted to do Cadence in her wedding dress, but like, I would know I'm secretly Chrysallis but I guess no one else would, I guess, cause there isn't really a hint, ahaha. Unless I kept telling people "Call me Princess Mi Amore Cadenza" or something :XD:
But yesss omg you should totally do that in the future if you end up wanting to, again, yesss :XD:
But I loved your Applejack so :iconmonkeyloveplz:
DreamsComeTroo's avatar
That monkey just reminds me of all the monkeys in Twilight Princess that I had to gather as Link and how much I hated them to the point of tears. ... Sincerely lol stupid monkeys- why can't they save themselves? I mean really...

-hugs you- Thank you for all the wonderful talk! You would make a beautiful Cadence!!!
Riku-Ryou's avatar
I haven't gotten to play Twilight Princess :ohnoes:
I only ever played Ocarina of Time *iFail* :iconotlplz:
I only know of the chickens...oh, the chickens o___________o
Was gathering monkeys like a side quest or something? Or an actual thing you NEEDED to do? XD

And :huggle: My pleasure TuT and d'aww thankiessss :blush:, maybe somedayy,
I just realized I have way to many things on my list nowadays, I can't figure out who to do first anymore! :XD:
DreamsComeTroo's avatar
It's something you have to do- I can't remember if there was eight or nine, but there was so many monkeys. Then you have to get the monkeys to give you bombs so you can beat this giant pirana like plant at the end of the stage. Then you get to move onto the next stage.

...It made me want to cry. It was so annoying having them follow me around.


... I think we have more fun talking to each other than we do following each other at this point...
Riku-Ryou's avatar
Pfffff and I'm banking you had to protect all of them at the same time tooooo huh? D:

LOL OMG NO THAT ACTUALLY WOULD BE PRETTY COOL. You know, unless they were the kind that flung poop, but, other than that :paranoid:

I know riiiight? Of course, then there is me who delays for a month because I'm a butt, abloobloo *creys* *all my sorrys* *All of them*
DreamsComeTroo's avatar

-Puts self in room with nine monkeys flinging poo-

...why would you do this to me? xD
TheAlbedoEffect's avatar
Man I wish I could cosplay with you. I would totally be Screwball!
jaknova1's avatar
be Screwball Thor could you imagine Screwball Flying around with Mjolmir
Riku-Ryou's avatar
Oh my gosh that would be absolutely brilliant! Awww darn though D:
jaknova1's avatar
Screwball in Thor's armor and with his hammer flying about
Riku-Ryou's avatar
Haaaah, that'd be so amazing oh my gosh :XD:
jaknova1's avatar
yep that way my mind came up with it now need someone to drew that
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