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Discord - Little Ponies beware, Discord is Awake

I was once the most mystical man in all Equestria.
When the royals betrayed me they mad a mistake!
My curse made each of them gray
But one little girl got away!
Little Ponies, beware,
Discord is awake!"

Because this video --[link]


:star:Tumblr Post --> [link]

Sorry for my sucky photoshop skills. I just, wanted, to look like I was being..un-statue-fied :XD:.....

Discord is my ultimate favourite character out of MLP:FiM, I just needed to design and make a human-version cosplay of him!

Photographer: My Mom
Discord: Me~ :iconriku-ryou:
Cracked Brushes by *redheadstock

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
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Too amazing for words
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Wow that cosplay is BEAUTIFUL 
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All hail Discord!
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I saw this picture on Pinterest and I just HAD to favorite it here as well. This is truly the best Discord cosplay I've ever seen! Wonderfully done :D
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This is an amazing cosplay. It's stuff like this that makes the search for these designs and costumes worth it.
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That's amazing!! :O
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You look fantastic, amazing, and beautifully chaotic.  Bravo!
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"...they made* a mistake" Well done, i was wondering if it was Photoshop or make-up though.
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This is fantastic!
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Best. Cosplay. Ever!
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love your cosplay :D
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you my dear, are a queen
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Still one of my favorite cosplays ever.
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Well done! I want to shake your hand! err... paw? claw?
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