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Discord -- Big Ol' Storm of Chaos

"Looks like we might be due for a big ol' storm of chaos"~


:star:Tumblr Post --> [link]

Discord is my ultimate favourite character out of MLP:FiM, I just needed to design and make a human-version cosplay of him!

Photographer: My Mom
Discord: Me~ :iconriku-ryou:

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
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This is amazing in every possible way.
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Great cosplay of Discord!:)
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If only the umbrella was inside out, other than that awesome cosplay
purple-skittlez's avatar
should have turned the umbrella up lol
tunipeace's avatar
wow red contacts! please if you have any discord related items even this brilliant cosply bring it over to mlp-discord-fans!
AndyTheRed's avatar
how did you make this?
OddFox17's avatar
It's like IRL rule 63.
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Crystal-Dream's avatar
:O wow, best cosplay I have seen in a while.
Fae-Ray-Anthem's avatar
Well a tip of my hat to you for this marvelous cosplay.
Pun-Pun1's avatar
Sweet costume! The contacts are my favorite! The horns looked like they were fun to make.
The-Chosen-Wolf's avatar
Lookin' FABULOUS~ :la: :heart:
I can't wait until my Pinkie Pie Cosplay is done~ :3
Calon-QwaSage's avatar
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There's a pony that looks that awesome?? Truth be told, I've never gotten in MLP before, but this cosplay is enough my make me seriously consider it. xD
Riku-Ryou's avatar
Haha yessss! Well technically he is actually like one of the only characters that isn't really a pony~ He is a "Draconequus" and he's made up of quite a few different animals~ (One lion arm, one eagle arm, lizard leg, you get the idea ;P Hence the name Discord :la:)
Ahaha yeah it was actually some of the Fan-made music I found on YouTube that finally made me consider watching it :XD: Ironically before I knew who he was, it was a fanmade song about HIM that I loooooved XD go figure
Miaparart's avatar
I think I might know the song.
HetemSenar's avatar
...Well, now I've watched the couple episodes with him..and now I'm hooked. D:
Look at what you've done. XD
I see why you like him, he's totally made of win. Do you know if he ever comes back? (I hope he will.)
And omg, that eurobeat song about him, I could listen to it all day. :icondiscordlaplz:
Riku-Ryou's avatar
Just kidding that's how I felt XD I was like, Nuuuuuuuuu
Haha~ And yes I know right! Gosh Discord needs to be in so many more episodes TnT
I dunno how many you've watched since then but no he doesn't come back OnO
But the new season is coming out soon and maybe, just maaaybe, I hope he returns at least for a while
Cause he's epic
But if you end up watching more and don't like it, I'd recommend at LEAST watching the last two episodes of season 2 as well, because Discord's episodes and those two episodes are my absolute favourites that I recommend to everyone who doesn't want to watch the WHOLE show :XD:
And yesss, that's the song I was referring to! I listened to it ALL the time before I watched the show, then finally I was like, urgghhh I'll just do it, hahah
Still my all-time favourite song made by the fanbase ahah
HetemSenar's avatar
Let's see, I've watched most of season one, since I thought that would be good before going further in the second one. So yeah, I think it's safe to say I'm a girl brony...or filly or whatever you call a mlp fangirl.
And thanks for the tip, I'll be looking forward to the end of season two, whatever it's about.

Now I want Nightmare Moon, Fluttershy, Discord and Twilight Sparkle plushies, but they're soooooo expensive to commission. D: I'd make one I guess, but I wouldn't even know where to start..
(You know you're obsessed when you find yourself in the toy department, looking at mlp figurines. rofl!)

Why they no have Discord toy?! :iconrikuangstplz:
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it's the umbrella
greeniepi's avatar
This is really well done, nice job :D
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