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New Tekitat by Riku-of-Darkness New Tekitat :iconriku-of-darkness:Riku-of-Darkness 11 12
[St] please pick up...
:iconriku-of-darkness:Riku-of-Darkness 11 7
[St] dun wanna
i’m sorry, kid.
The afternoon joined in the comfortable theme of the week. Sunny but enough breeze to avoid sweaters or idle sweating. Perfect for a session of training. Crystal blue eyes had shone when Frisk gazed at him that morning, her hands sweeping and smile bright. Several weeks of impatient waiting finally worthwhile. “Master Papyrus’ Course of Intense Effort and Spaghetti,” a subject of interest for both human youths. However, between work and everyday demands, it took several weeks before either could claim a mutual day for themselves. So gleeful was Frisk that morning, her smile bright and aimed towards Sans.
*Will you be joining us, dearest? The obstacles you create will be excellent challenges, I am certain!*
Her fingers had darted with such vigor, they danced through the air. All the more painful were the repercussions of his answer when her delight reduced to a weighted, understanding smile. Of course she had understood his ex
:iconriku-of-darkness:Riku-of-Darkness 16 9
[St] Holding Hands
*I abhor holding hands. It is a nuisance having my fingers tangled up, unable to flex and sweep my thoughts into speech. Bring forced to vocalize when my phalanges are meant for the job. If I stumble, my held hand drags another soul down or forces their arm to bear my burden.*
~Trembling fingers curl tighter but their calcite partners remain limp. Her hand is warm, glove rusted with blood. He had held on, always held on…but…~
~A cyan glow fading away, leaving only bone white.~
*I abhor holding hands…because when you let go…the world goes dark…*
:iconriku-of-darkness:Riku-of-Darkness 13 15
[St] Would You Like a Bite? by Riku-of-Darkness [St] Would You Like a Bite? :iconriku-of-darkness:Riku-of-Darkness 28 31
I'm Broken
I do not remember where I set out to reach. Looking back shows only darkness; there is no home waiting for me. Whatever I had, it is naught but shadows. With every step, I hear a crack; whatever surface I have discovered cannot bear the weight I impose. No surprise; seems like my existence has always been an anchor, dragging down any who reach out to take me with them. Spiderwebs cascade beneath my feet; fragments chip off, cut my skin. I laugh, then cry, but still I fall into the fragments of a heart shattered by time and reality.
:iconriku-of-darkness:Riku-of-Darkness 8 15
SecuriTale Love by Riku-of-Darkness SecuriTale Love :iconriku-of-darkness:Riku-of-Darkness 39 39
[St] unneeded
jes when did i lose you? i thought if anyone would keep me in their heart, it’d be you.’ Sans crouched in the darkness before settling against the cold, jagged support of the stone in a nightfelled field. He almost tripped on it; sensing a kindred spirit in the lone rock, half-devoured by unmaintained grass and thistles, the skeleton decided to stay. He did not feel the prickly oppositions pulling at his hoodie and marking his leg bones.
yer so persistent ta chase me away, force me ta be with others.’ The night was cold; the stone silently coerced his body heat to leave. Sans didn’t move. ‘maybe ya jes dun need me anymore.
It was often that Frisk would insist she enjoyed his company, her eyes bright and smile unyielding, but how true were those words? Sans used to know; he thought he knew. So many fresh days whispered doubts into his skull.
when i’m not there—even when i am—i ain’t
:iconriku-of-darkness:Riku-of-Darkness 16 14
[St] Respect
It was known that Julius, crown prince of the Emerald Kingdom, spent a good portion of his time in transit and in embassies. Rare was his return to the castle except for brief respites and meetings with his parents. Today was the latter; though tired and concerned about the strained deals with the Isle of Papillon, Julius chatted amicably with Kendrik and Amber as the trio headed for Julius' room. The dark stone paths were lit from the coming sunset, orange light playing with the emeralds, moonstones, and other assorted gems adorning the architecture. Though Julius was considered a prince in tune with the youngest generation, his home maintained its Gothic roots; its halls echoed with lonely memories.
Of course, the castle was hardly devoid of people, maids and guards alike bowing to Julius and politely bidding him welcome. An unnecessary custom but one Julius understood to be beyond his control, thus he continued to smile and thank everyone for their kind words. Kind, many scripted wo
:iconriku-of-darkness:Riku-of-Darkness 13 27
Uncertainty, a cold pool of water with its breadth unknown, stretching far beyond the horizon. My tears are hot but the warmth is fleeting; they disappear somewhere near my chest. Insecurity doesn’t strike at first; it lingers there, whispering, its words binding the heart with sharp, unforgiving thorns.
I thrash and claw at its arm but I haven’t the strength to escape. The air rushes from my lungs, the bubbles large and clear…then smaller and dull. I’m scared; I’m hurting; I scream but Silence turns away, crushing whatever hope remained. I am alone and cannot breathe. It is so dark…
:iconriku-of-darkness:Riku-of-Darkness 8 24
[St] Driftin'
driftin’. feels like i been driftin’ fer a long time. when i close my eye sockets, it’s nuthin but dark. if i stare too long, i can see phantoms…waitin’ there fer me. i turn, try ta run; they dun chase but i feel em there…
when i met her, things felt secure. i started carin’ again. no matter how many resets, i wanted time to keep goin’ forward so we could meet in the snow again. so i could feel anchored ta her.
but i gotta wonder if instead of helpin her out, i’m draggin her in ta my darkness…
:iconriku-of-darkness:Riku-of-Darkness 12 11
[St] Frozen
It was a familiar cold, clinging to the bones exposed to the air. A thin blanket tangled his ankles and the pillow lay somewhere beyond the mattress he lazily referred to as a bed. Wrappers, paper balls and mismatched socks hovered in the listless tornado in the corner of his room. He knew this place. Sans knew this room and gnashed his teeth to silence a curse he did not want his brother to hear.
Not a dream was he in but a reality none wished to endure. A reality none could reverse or erase. Phalanges dug into the exposed mattress; fabric cried out in pain, cotton snagging in his bones. Tears swelled in his eye sockets, glistening with sorrow, anger and anguish. He silenced his voice to keep his brother away; inside, his soul screamed.
Frisk was dead. As if every sacrifice she endured was not enough, she chose to die rather than wait for rescue. All her talk about not wanting her loved ones in danger; the result surprised no one. What she failed to accept was the value of her life.
:iconriku-of-darkness:Riku-of-Darkness 14 18
Besties by Riku-of-Darkness Besties :iconriku-of-darkness:Riku-of-Darkness 22 10
[St] Dropped Guard
'ya musta been tired...' Sans thought as he gazed down at the sleeping Frisk; only the faint light of her digital clock allowed him to see her in the dark. "Permitting" him to remain in her room overnight was rare. Their snuggling time was only allotted for daytime or evening hours, and he'd be "forced" to return to his room before she turned in for the night. For the skeleton to still be in her room past midnight meant Frisk was too exhausted to keep schedule.
'not that i mind this but...' Sans caressed a lock of hair from her cheek, minding the amount of friction between bone and flesh so as to not disturb her slumber. The restraint needed compressed his ribs. 'are ya sure this is a good idea for me ta stay?'
His answer needed no voice. Just like Frisk was wont to do. As he shifted to remain comfortable, Frisk's nearest hand clutched his sleepshirt enough to pull the fabric against his spine.
'i'm here, kid.' Sans promised, despite his policies; he leaned
:iconriku-of-darkness:Riku-of-Darkness 16 11
[St] Silence
Footsteps echoed across a golden hall, and a skeleton turned to their source. His teeth part as he attempted a greeting; the words fade to silence. A petite figure did not wait at the door as she was meant to do, dashing across the tiles, a shadow evading the light. No time did he have to react before her body pushed him down. Down. Fractures split open his occipital bone.
“ki--” touched the air before a cold blade sliced into his vertebrae, pinning the name there forevermore. The shadow smiled, a wide, cruel grin.
Shut up, you worthless trashbag.”
:iconriku-of-darkness:Riku-of-Darkness 13 25
[St] Monster Between Us (WIP)
"yer one scary guy," Sans remarked, his teeth lined into a smirk as Kendrik wiped down his knives, one at a time with a handkerchief; its fabric had an odd sheen to it beneath the Embassy lights. The royal guards were already hauling the captured assailants away, ignoring the cursing and wails of pain.
The two hadn't gone far, observing Undyne as she barked orders and assigned clean-up, everyone scattering at her command. Kendrik responded not to Sans' comment, inspecting his blade before sliding it back into his sleeve. Sans recognized the handle of that one from its brief time in the leader's knee.
"ain't his highness gonna be mad atcha fer that?"
"Perhaps," Kendrik admitted, onto another knife, removing the crimson stains. He glanced at Sans as the skeleton peeked at his phone, then hid it again. He noted the sender but didn't comment on it. "But he'll be more lenient given I sought information to protect Lady Dreemurr."
Sans hunched his shoulders, bit his tongue. The askance gliste
:iconriku-of-darkness:Riku-of-Darkness 12 23
Oh mai! What has my demented mind created lately?

It is up to you

Undertale Stamp: Pro Age Headcanons by alpakami

This stamp and the argument that :iconalpakami: has detailed sums up everything I have debated in the past regarding Frisk and Chara's ages.

My headcanon is that both are in their mid to late teen years when they fall off Mt. Ebott. You don't have to agree with me; that is how I perceive them.

Undertale is a game that celebrates diverse opinions. Fans should honour that ideal rather than fight with each other about it.



"Imitation may be the highest form of flattery but it's the lowest form of creativity."

This is a quote I heard on a YT video discussing the worst types of writers, and I feel like this applies to art stuff as well. 

There is nothing wrong with studying the work of other creators; it's how we form our own style and build our work from the ground up. However, if all a creator does is mimic another, they will never expand their skills beyond imitation. 

Take fan art/fiction for example. There are A LOT of creative things we can do with fan work of a story/game/show/etc. that we enjoy. However, if you have never tried to design a character or write one from scratch, only ever doing fan work will inhibit you slightly because you've only ever worked with pre-existing models and concepts.

I'm not saying mimicry cannot help you develop. A lot of writing advice I receive is to read a lot and try out the styles that I like. A lot of drawing advice is to study anatomy and the styles of artists you like. But you have to use other people's work as a study guide for improvement and not a lazy way to avoid doing the work yourself. 
Hey everyone. 
I'm not back to dA yet. Will get there soon but not yet.
I had an emotional derailing that sent me away from several places I usually frequented for good feelings; dA was one of those places.

I've been trying to devote my energy to writing stories with tekitourabbit still, and with a better, more pleasant career path now, I hope to be back here again with the ST writing I've done in the interim. 

As a note, I've deleted pretty much everything from my inbox for a fresh start. Please message me anew if there was something I never answered for you. Thanks everyone for your patience and understanding.
Nothing gets me more into something I'm reading or watching than SecuriTale vibes. Just came home from "Happy Death Day," and there was an element in the film that's highly topical to tekitourabbit's current comic chapter: The Guardian, Angel, and Judge!!

Thinking about it now, that movie also gives me Undertale / SecuriTale vibes for a different reason and I love it!
*batty flails*
Humanity enjoys labels, clear definitions of what someone is and isn't. Edvard prefers to be himself, dress however she pleases, and likes to keep people guessing about who they really are. 
Commission: #3 Edvard by nekoyasha89
Art (c) nekoyasha89 
Amber has known strife and she will do everything to defeat it. Those who tell her "you can't" quickly learn she can and will. She is Kendrik's second for a reason.
Commission: #2 Amber by nekoyasha89
Art (c) nekoyasha89 



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

Reposted from tumblr; the source link is at the bottom. I have to go to class and am too exasperated with intolerant fools to have anything to say. We have the choice to click an internet browser or not look at a print hanging at a booth. This would be considered first degree murder or manslaughter if the worst occurred. This person had full intent to causing harm or death--cookies don't bake themselves and certainly not with needles inside. Like...I just can't...



Warning for needles, links to disturbing images


[Tweet: A fanartist was offered hand made cookies at a con. Only to find out they have needles inside and pierced her tongue]

The fanartist in question is Avimedes, a Taiwanese fanartist who draws primarily for Undertale. On May 10th she posted on her Plurk (warning for images with blood, needles) that she was given cookies as a gift; she ate one and a needle pierced her tongue. 

Here is a translation of her post:

Warning, these photos contain a lot of blood.

I’m very sorry that I haven’t had a chance to say my thanks (for the convention?) and I am venting. But I received a needle in my dessert gift from the convention. Thank you, I have one more piercing now.

I am not trying to ask for comfort, I am only trying to tell everyone how serious is this matter, so do not comfort me.

This matter is unable to be investigated and hopeless to be investigated. This matter has made me lost of trust towards something, but from today onwards, I will not be accepting any more handmade food by others.

Any more follow up and notice will be posted(if there’s any), thank you for your attention.

From discussion (TwitterReddit) it seems likely that she was given these cookies because she draws Sans/Frisk art, and a “fan” decided that drawing a ship they didn’t like was worthy of attempted murder. Had Avimedes swallowed the needle it could have done considerable and possibly irreparable internal damage. 

So I will say this again: DO NOT HARM REAL PEOPLE OVER FICTIONAL ENTITIES. I don’t care what the content is. These purity crusades need to STOP. The amount of vitriol and anger that the anti-shipping circles not only accept but encourage is dangerous, unhealthy, and unless stopped will lead to more people being hurt. There’s already been at least one incident of an artist being harassed into a suicide attempt. 

Your moral indignation/righteous anger/upset feelings DO NOT justify the injury or death of other people. You have every right to protect yourself from viewing objectionable content, but that right stops far, far short of hurting other people. Going on these crusades DOES NOT HELP against the sort of issues that are purportedly being championed; it only causes more harm. We need to break away from this mindset, from purity culture, before someone is permanently injured or dies.   


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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Well, I'm an insane University English Lit. major with an addiction to writing stories. I still need plenty of work but how else do I improve without practice? Kingdom Hearts was my first muse and it got me into writing; something about that silver-haired knucklehead named Riku.

My current passions are Broken Requiem, a collab story with the lovely :iconclockwork-echo:, and SecuriTale, an Undertale AU of which I'm co-pilot to the stellar :icontekitourabbit:!

:icontekitourabbit: is the artist behind my batty self. <3

May the Keyblade not damage you on the way out.

Quote: His eyes are nothing more than murky aquamarine, stained of darkness. He looks like shattered glass.

Regarding Commission Promotional Notes

Hey all,

I know I commission a lot of artists here on dA, and in order to promote yourself, you sometimes need to note someone like me to see if I'll consider commissioning you too.

Thing is, I rarely ever commission someone who solicits me this way. I have limited funds I can give to commissions, and I'm really particular about style.

I realize the polite thing to do would be to gently refuse each note I receive, but I never know how to word it nicely. So, if you are trying to promote your art, I'm fine with you sending a note with samples. But, and please understand this, I will not respond to your note. If I don't respond, please consider that my polite "no, thank you."

Bad Time is half done. Do you want me to: 

42 deviants said Wait until the whole thing is complete.
11 deviants said Upload the half I have completed even though it's only stage prep.


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