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We're Invincible
“Maru! Don’t, it’s too high!” Castor shouted, his voice pinched with emotion. He paced back and forth while his hands tugged at the base of his tunic, helpless to aid his request. Above him, Maruzu giggled as she hauled herself onto another branch, straddling it with ease. “Please, come down!”
“Not now! I’m almost there!” Maruzu hollered back; the bright smile she wore was the opposite of her twin’s panicked frown. Even several feet above him, she could see the glisten of his beautiful red eyes. Sunlight peered through the cumulus herd, nearly bleaching the lavender of his hair. They hadn’t been outside the shop in a week or more, so rather than comply with Castor’s pleas, Maruzu admired him instead. ‘The sun always looks good on him!
Her cheeky smile was nothing short of shameless. After her pause of indulgence, she pointed towards the “fingers” of the branch and the prize she inten
:iconriku-of-darkness:Riku-of-Darkness 8 7
[MUNL] Sibling Love
“It’s okay, Maru, don’t overthink the answer.” Castor cooed gently to the girl seated upon his crossed legs. He snuck a kiss into Maruzu’s hair while she huffed at the book on her lap. After a moment of fidgeting, Maruzu shook her head, defeated.
“I’m sorry, Cas…” Frowning until her forehead was filled with wrinkles, Maruzu turned and hid her consternation in his clavicle. “I’m nothing but a burden on you.”
“Don’t say that, Maru.” Pushing the book to the floor, Castor wrapped up Maru in his arms and stroked her back. “We are Gemini. I’m glad you were born.”
:iconriku-of-darkness:Riku-of-Darkness 5 3
Surreal-tember D3: Food
“Oh right,” Maruzu exclaimed before dashing back into the market. Her groceries bounced at her hip but she paid it no mind. A bright smile hidden beneath her mask, the delighted puppet snatched up the one item she’d nearly forgotten.
It had never mattered so much before.
“Odd that this is his favourite.” She shrugged before carefully placing her newest acquisition out of harm. The soft tones of the peach were warm in the twilight glow as Maruzu raced back towards her cabin. She knew food was a meager apology but nevertheless hoped a smile would grace Osseus’ mouth tonight.
:iconriku-of-darkness:Riku-of-Darkness 0 0
Surreal-tember D2: Tall
Being of shorter stature, Maruzu was used to inclining her neck to suss out a customer or analyze how to best an opponent that outsized her. Still, those heights were nothing like the shadow she’d sometimes glimpse on her way home.
The shape might have seemed like a tree were it not for the scanning ability of her eye. Tall, warm and graceful, this being blended with nature and piqued her curiosity. A dryad, she knew, and respectfully kept her distance. Yet her attention always fell in his direction when she felt his presence. A looming yet comfortable Saturn shadow.
:iconriku-of-darkness:Riku-of-Darkness 1 2
Surreal-tember D1: Body Part Swap
There are those in the world who desire more. It might be to mimic the winged Mercury and run with faster legs. To want not for electricity and call upon Jupiter when they see fit. Others prefer the strength and ephemeral yet immense beauty of Saturn upon their bodies.
But nothing is without sacrifice. A limb for a limb, body parts swapped for metal and crystals. Most are willing and pursue their selfish desires. However, it is not impossible for someone to have been constructed with pure love. A cursed life still but one she will never take for granted.
:iconriku-of-darkness:Riku-of-Darkness 1 2
New Tekitat by Riku-of-Darkness New Tekitat :iconriku-of-darkness:Riku-of-Darkness 12 15
[St] please pick up...
:iconriku-of-darkness:Riku-of-Darkness 11 7
[St] dun wanna
i’m sorry, kid.
The afternoon joined in the comfortable theme of the week. Sunny but enough breeze to avoid sweaters or idle sweating. Perfect for a session of training. Crystal blue eyes had shone when Frisk gazed at him that morning, her hands sweeping and smile bright. Several weeks of impatient waiting finally worthwhile. “Master Papyrus’ Course of Intense Effort and Spaghetti,” a subject of interest for both human youths. However, between work and everyday demands, it took several weeks before either could claim a mutual day for themselves. So gleeful was Frisk that morning, her smile bright and aimed towards Sans.
*Will you be joining us, dearest? The obstacles you create will be excellent challenges, I am certain!*
Her fingers had darted with such vigor, they danced through the air. All the more painful were the repercussions of his answer when her delight reduced to a weighted, understanding smile. Of course she had understood his ex
:iconriku-of-darkness:Riku-of-Darkness 16 9
[St] Holding Hands
*I abhor holding hands. It is a nuisance having my fingers tangled up, unable to flex and sweep my thoughts into speech. Bring forced to vocalize when my phalanges are meant for the job. If I stumble, my held hand drags another soul down or forces their arm to bear my burden.*
~Trembling fingers curl tighter but their calcite partners remain limp. Her hand is warm, glove rusted with blood. He had held on, always held on…but…~
~A cyan glow fading away, leaving only bone white.~
*I abhor holding hands…because when you let go…the world goes dark…*
:iconriku-of-darkness:Riku-of-Darkness 12 15
[St] Would You Like a Bite? by Riku-of-Darkness [St] Would You Like a Bite? :iconriku-of-darkness:Riku-of-Darkness 29 31
I'm Broken
I do not remember where I set out to reach. Looking back shows only darkness; there is no home waiting for me. Whatever I had, it is naught but shadows. With every step, I hear a crack; whatever surface I have discovered cannot bear the weight I impose. No surprise; seems like my existence has always been an anchor, dragging down any who reach out to take me with them. Spiderwebs cascade beneath my feet; fragments chip off, cut my skin. I laugh, then cry, but still I fall into the fragments of a heart shattered by time and reality.
:iconriku-of-darkness:Riku-of-Darkness 8 15
SecuriTale Love by Riku-of-Darkness SecuriTale Love :iconriku-of-darkness:Riku-of-Darkness 41 39
[St] unneeded
jes when did i lose you? i thought if anyone would keep me in their heart, it’d be you.’ Sans crouched in the darkness before settling against the cold, jagged support of the stone in a nightfelled field. He almost tripped on it; sensing a kindred spirit in the lone rock, half-devoured by unmaintained grass and thistles, the skeleton decided to stay. He did not feel the prickly oppositions pulling at his hoodie and marking his leg bones.
yer so persistent ta chase me away, force me ta be with others.’ The night was cold; the stone silently coerced his body heat to leave. Sans didn’t move. ‘maybe ya jes dun need me anymore.
It was often that Frisk would insist she enjoyed his company, her eyes bright and smile unyielding, but how true were those words? Sans used to know; he thought he knew. So many fresh days whispered doubts into his skull.
when i’m not there—even when i am—i ain’t
:iconriku-of-darkness:Riku-of-Darkness 16 14
[St] Respect
It was known that Julius, crown prince of the Emerald Kingdom, spent a good portion of his time in transit and in embassies. Rare was his return to the castle except for brief respites and meetings with his parents. Today was the latter; though tired and concerned about the strained deals with the Isle of Papillon, Julius chatted amicably with Kendrik and Amber as the trio headed for Julius' room. The dark stone paths were lit from the coming sunset, orange light playing with the emeralds, moonstones, and other assorted gems adorning the architecture. Though Julius was considered a prince in tune with the youngest generation, his home maintained its Gothic roots; its halls echoed with lonely memories.
Of course, the castle was hardly devoid of people, maids and guards alike bowing to Julius and politely bidding him welcome. An unnecessary custom but one Julius understood to be beyond his control, thus he continued to smile and thank everyone for their kind words. Kind, many scripted wo
:iconriku-of-darkness:Riku-of-Darkness 13 27
Uncertainty, a cold pool of water with its breadth unknown, stretching far beyond the horizon. My tears are hot but the warmth is fleeting; they disappear somewhere near my chest. Insecurity doesn’t strike at first; it lingers there, whispering, its words binding the heart with sharp, unforgiving thorns.
I thrash and claw at its arm but I haven’t the strength to escape. The air rushes from my lungs, the bubbles large and clear…then smaller and dull. I’m scared; I’m hurting; I scream but Silence turns away, crushing whatever hope remained. I am alone and cannot breathe. It is so dark…
:iconriku-of-darkness:Riku-of-Darkness 7 24
[St] Driftin'
driftin’. feels like i been driftin’ fer a long time. when i close my eye sockets, it’s nuthin but dark. if i stare too long, i can see phantoms…waitin’ there fer me. i turn, try ta run; they dun chase but i feel em there…
when i met her, things felt secure. i started carin’ again. no matter how many resets, i wanted time to keep goin’ forward so we could meet in the snow again. so i could feel anchored ta her.
but i gotta wonder if instead of helpin her out, i’m draggin her in ta my darkness…
:iconriku-of-darkness:Riku-of-Darkness 12 11
Oh mai! What has my demented mind created lately?

It is up to you

Undertale Stamp: Pro Age Headcanons by alpakami

This stamp and the argument that :iconalpakami: has detailed sums up everything I have debated in the past regarding Frisk and Chara's ages.

My headcanon is that both are in their mid to late teen years when they fall off Mt. Ebott. You don't have to agree with me; that is how I perceive them.

Undertale is a game that celebrates diverse opinions. Fans should honour that ideal rather than fight with each other about it.



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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Well, I'm an insane University English Lit. major with an addiction to writing stories. I still need plenty of work but how else do I improve without practice? Kingdom Hearts was my first muse and it got me into writing; something about that silver-haired knucklehead named Riku.

My current passions are MUNL and SecuriTale, two stories (one original, the other an Undertale AU) that I write together with my bestie, :icontekitourabbit:!

:icontekitourabbit: is the artist behind my batty self. <3

May the Keyblade not smack you on the way out.

Quote: His eyes are nothing more than murky aquamarine, stained of darkness. He looks like shattered glass.
Friendly writing advice from Riku-Bat. 
(This was going to be a status update but I got a little carried away. Thank you to anyone who reads through these kinds of discussions!)

When creating a fan fiction in which you have created fanOCs for plot purposes, do your best to ensure they are not overpowered. I do not just mean in actual abilities but in situations as well. This sort of advice works in original fiction too but my thoughts are on fan fiction at the moment because striking a balance can sometimes be difficult when introducing new characters into a pre-established set-up and cast. 

I recently re-read a fan comic after a couple years on non-reading it and found I still have the same issue with the villain character. They are overpowered not only in abilities but in strategy as well. The only time the antagonist seemed to lose control of the situation was when they thought a special friend of theirs would get hurt. And then once that friend was fine, they would overwhelm the heroes again. Thus, every interaction felt boring because the antagonist fanOC was always going to be victorious. There was never a situation where it felt like the pre-established heroes stood a chance against this fanOC.

Now, to create series tension, you need to have moments where the situation becomes hopeless for the hero. It's how you get the reader attached to the hero's plight. You feel for them, worry that they may not be victorious, or at least, worry that victory will come at a steep price. There are times where the hero will play right into the enemy's hands and they will have to struggle with this result. If that is always how the interactions turn out, then the battles will lack any kind of tension because predictability sets in. Each time I would read situations with this fanOC antagonist, I knew they would not face failure. Regardless of the goal, they never left with a sense of failure and that is boring to read about. 

And yes, I realize readers are more apt to be attached to the canon cast finally succeeding, but when there are no stakes, your battles will lack tension and excitement. You may still capture the attention of some readers who aren't reading too critically but it's likely many in your readership won't feel as invested because the results are the same every time. 

For an example of where this occurs in a canon setting, I'd like to refer you to Yu-Gi-Oh! This is a series I enjoyed when I was younger and my access to anime was fairly limited. After a while though, my interest in the series waned because the hero, Yugi (or Yami, whatever) never lost to his enemies. If the battle did not end in a win for him, it's because of outside circumstances that caused him to forfeit. In the first battle with Pegasus, an imposed time limit ran out, but note, it was RIGHT before Yugi was going to win the battle. In a battle with Kaiba later on, Kaiba placed himself in such a way that if Yugi won, he would physically die. So, Yugi forfeited to avoid this result. In a battle against Rebecca, he forfeited the duel to allow her a win. 

Please note that a forfeit is not a loss, not really. It still shows that Yugi had control of the battle the whole time and the only way to have him lose was by force. Now, the story often placed Yugi in a setting where losing would end his part in the story arc, so he constantly had to win. In the cases of the forfeits though, it's clear the loss wouldn't end his journey, so why not have him just lose? Why this continuous reminder that Yugi/Yami is unbeatable? Yes, he's the King of Games, but never losing just makes him a boring character because there is nowhere for his character to grow. 

Back to the subject of fanOCs though. It can be incredibly difficult to find a balance of powerful enough to make a difference and sliding between underpowered and overpowered. Another factor to consider is ensuring your fanOC is important to the story. If your fanOC has no impact on the story, then why are they there? If they override the story, then they aren't as fun to read about because they will feel jammed into the plot rather than fitting in naturally with everyone else. This is why I say that fan fiction can be just as difficult to write well as original fiction because there are a whole other set of challenges you need to undertake in order for your story to read as believable. 

So, if you're struggling to figure out balance in your stories, ask yourself if your fanOC ever struggles. Do they lose and how does it come about? What events are helping them to grow as a character? After all, most of our growth comes from our failures. We figure out where we went wrong and then we work to try and not do that again. If they succeeded with something, perhaps the glee of success blinds them from finding different strategies to handle an issue. Thus, when they try their strategy again, it blows up in their face because situations often change the outcome. If your fanOC is only ever mildly inconvenienced before they overpower the situation again, then we don't get to see them grow because they've already attained "master" status off-screen. 

And, as always, see if you can find a friend or someone online who will give you honest advice on your work. It might be difficult to find that person but feedback can be extremely helpful if you're genuinely looking to improve your work. The critique will no doubt sting to read but take everything in stride and try to learn from it.

**A final note, do not bring up the term "Mary-Sue" with me unless you know how to apply the term properly. It has become a term that people use in place of "I hate fanOCs up in my space so your character is a Mary-Sue for existing." This is BS and I will not entertain that sort of usage. I apologize for the bitchy tone but I have seen so many well-constructed fanOCs be labelled "Mary-Sue/Gary-Stu" characters for no other reason than because they are creating a damn narrative in the story. I've also seen a lot of writers abandon their stories because of those kinds of ignorant comments and I won't tolerate it. If you're worried your character is OP or problematic, then use the term "unbalanced" or "in progress" to signify that you're still trying to balance them. Do not apply the M-S label on your characters when they don't deserve it. :)
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A reminder that I mustn't underestimate Toby's plans when it comes to his games:…
As much as I'm not a fan of the Undertale cast being in Deltarune, this image is too cute not to share. <3

The Three Doras by thegreatrouge
Just saw the best comment on a Deltarune Let's Play. 

"Deltarune is an anagram of Undertale. 
But you know what else it's an anagram of? 
I'm gonna be a preachy bitch again but this situation really bugs me. I won't be linking to the specific incident here; I simply need to get this off my chest. 

If an artist asks you not to draw their creations in a certain context, and you go and do it anyway because no one gets to tell you what to draw, this is not oppression of your desires, you are just a disrespectful, selfish person.

You are not the victim of someone imposing limitations on your creative freedom. You are being an entitled jerk.

Listen, fan art is a great way to show you support an artist, as a person and their work in general. It's an incredible gesture to make. Still, if you've drawn their characters in a way that does not align with the creator's wishes, the creator of those characters has the right to be upset and not praise your work. Quite frankly, they have grounds to ask you to alter or remove it. This does not make them ungrateful or unreasonable. They are simply asking you, as a supposed fan of theirs, to respect them as a creator and as a person. 

If you purposely leave the work as it is, then you are both a bully and just disrespectful. If you then go on a tirade about how you're the victim of artistic oppression, then congratulations on being upgraded to a belligerent git.

And to anyone who supports this kind of behaviour--supporting someone who is purposely disrespecting another creator because they wanna draw what they wanna draw--then shame on you too. I sure hope no one hijacks your original creations and does whatever they want with them because of "artistic freedom, man."

(I am so sorry to all of my watchers who put up with my preachy BS. I just feel bad for the artists in these situations because so few people actually take their side. The entitlement is sickening some days.)
Unpopular opinion time. I did not end up liking Deltarune. When it was being original, I was really into the game. When Deltrarune brought in characters from a game that is, no exaggeration, one of my favourite games of all time, that's when I felt disillusioned and taken out of the experience. 

Normally, having a chance to see familiar faces in another game by the same creator is a treat. This time treat tasted like battery acid. 

Okay, that does sound dramatic but here is a brief reason why I feel that way. Maybe if I need to vent more, I'll make a journal about it. 

Something important about Undertale that I enjoyed was the message that every experience is individual and your choices shape the world around you. Even if you regret a choice and try to reset, no memory is completely erased clean. Imprints linger. 

So when those same characters appear in a game whose conceit is "your choices do not matter," it runs afoul of the first game's message. In fact, it kind of overrules the "you shape the world around you" message and can imply that individual experiences with Undertale were not necessarily valid. 

**Lemme be clear that I realize this game isn't necessarily a sequel. The ending can be taken a couple different ways and I have considered them. Many elements have it reading like an AU fan written by the creator. I also know that Toby is a clever cookie, so we should never take too much at face value. However, the UT characters I met in Deltarune read nothing like the characters I met in Undertale, and I couldn't help wondering if this is a subtle way for Toby to showcase how he envisioned the characters without having to explicitly say so when asked. And hey, I could be COMPLETELY wrong about this, and would love to wrong about it. Still, that was my experience with Deltarune, and I'm wondering if I'm the minority about this. 



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

Regarding Commission Promotional Notes

Hey all,

I know I commission a lot of artists here on dA, and in order to promote yourself, you sometimes need to note someone like me to see if I'll consider commissioning you too.

Thing is, I rarely ever commission someone who solicits me this way. I have limited funds I can give to commissions, and I'm really particular about style.

I realize the polite thing to do would be to gently refuse each note I receive, but I never know how to word it nicely. So, if you are trying to promote your art, I'm fine with you sending a note with samples. But, and please understand this, I will not respond to your note. If I don't respond, please consider that my polite "no, thank you."

Bad Time is half done. Do you want me to: 

42 deviants said Wait until the whole thing is complete.
11 deviants said Upload the half I have completed even though it's only stage prep.


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