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Random Favourites

hidden message | kiyoshi teppei
//kiyoshi teppei x reader - valentine theme
One glance down the street and everything on this lukewarm Saturday afternoon looked surreal. Rays of sunshine were blindingly sharp, making you incapable to discern even the smallest thing in the far distance. Apart from the little remnants of cotton candy-like clouds, the warm coloured skies were enchantingly stunning. It was nice and surprisingly heart-warming to submerge in the silence of the streets as your eyes were glued to the glistening tar of the pavement in the warm daylight.
No matter how much you could've been captivated by the beautiful scenery surrounding you as you made your way through the couples-filled parks and down the empty - however decorated - streets, nothing could withhold your thoughts from wondering off as they focused on one special person. 
Your lips curled up gradually when you were unable to make his image in your mind vanish. His soft voice drummed in your ears, recalling the sweet words he always managed
:iconyasmochi:Yasmochi 133 16
Acting (Izuki Shun X Reader)
“No, it’s not as deep as a well, or as wide as a church door, but it’s enough. It’ll do the job.” He said as he grazed his hand over the large wound in his side. Izuki cringed in pain, tears in his silver eyes as he glanced at you once more.
    “Ask for me tomorrow, and you shall find me a grave man.”
    “Goddamnit, Izuki,” You whispered faintly, the tears coming to your face as you stared at the lifeless body beneath you, no longer trembling.
    “You can’t even die without-”
    “CUT!” the director, a girl named Erin yelled from her chair, “How many times, (f/n), have I told you to stay in character? He’s not Izuki, but Mercutio! And his speech isn’t even half done!!”
    “I’m sorry Erin,” You laughed sheepishly as Izuki brushed himself off the stage.
:iconstarshinethealicorn:StarShineTheAlicorn 62 20
Holding Back [Sugawara x Reader]
There it was, in all its magnificence. Even when the boys were practising, you couldn’t get your eyes off that splendorous view. The blonde beside you noticed your staring, and decided to ask about it.
“[Name]-chan?” Her voice tinged with genuine curiosity.
“Hm? What is it Hitoka?” You replied with your gaze focused on that sacred treasure.
“What are you looking at so intently?” Straight to the point. You stiffened a little, but acted as cool as possible.
“Well, you know. Seeing the boys practice entertains me.” It took you a lot of willpower to look at her. But that combined with your lame excuse could maybe fool her.
“But you’re not focused on the ball…”
Damn it.
You were lucky Shimizu was occupied discussing something with Takeda, she’d never let you live with that. You coughed a couple of times and decided to invent another pretext. Your cute underclassman was still innocent, she couldn
:iconhabbyrabbit:HabbyRabbit 346 44
Anniversary Surprise [Sugawara x Reader]
The alarm of your phone woke you up at 6 a.m. It was awfully early, who would wake up at six on Saturday? Certainly not any person, but today was a special day for you and your boyfriend. It was your first anniversary. Yes, exactly a year ago he surprised you confessing his love. You blushed slightly at the memory and chuckled.
You took your time to get ready, your lover wasn’t going anywhere, after all. This was going to be a surprise. You’d arrive to his house, sleep a few hours beside him, and then go to the amusement park. You had everything planned! You eyes glinted in anticipation as you brushed your hair.
It didn’t took you long before you got there. Your pace was slow, you enjoyed the peace in the streets and the beats of your favorite songs. In only twenty minutes, you were happily standing outside the Sugawara residence. You looked for the spare key in your pocket and opened the door.
The house was quiet, but it wasn’t a surprise. Koushi’s parent
:iconhabbyrabbit:HabbyRabbit 229 25
Stargazing [Tsukishima x Reader]
There it was, that rabbit on the moon. She looked at it for a few seconds, imagining it jumping around on the lunar surface. If she had the opportunity of visiting the moon, would she jump too? Would she meet that bunny? The girl let out a soft sigh and heard her boyfriend imitating her action. They didn’t move, their gazes focused on the night sky. Looking at the vast firmament, [Name] couldn’t help but immerse herself into deep, and sometimes painful themes; such as the meaning of life, what’s beyond death, and the reason why people live. She asked those kind of questions to herself and tried to decipher the answers, always vain and confusing.
After a few minutes, she felt a heavy weight on her chest that made it hard to breathe. She asked about that too.
“Kei.” A weak murmur.
The blonde didn’t respond, he just moved his head to the side, now facing her. His eyes wide when he realized the wet stains on her face. Without pronouncing a single word, h
:iconhabbyrabbit:HabbyRabbit 92 9
Kissy [Nishinoya x Reader]
“Now hold still or I swear I’m going to kick you in the balls.”
The boy laughed at your words and you felt your body suddenly getting warmer. You were sure his smile was the most beautiful one in Earth, and you wondered how even you got him to like you. He mumbled an ‘ok’ and you prepared yourself.
He was currently lying down in the grass, comfortably. He was using your jacket as a pillow and his hands were resting on his chest. You were seated at the libero’s right, your head above him, looking at him in the eyes. You were sure he could tell how nervous you were.
You started dating Nishinoya Yuu two weeks ago. What started with an innocent friendship between you two became something more when you realized you were head over heels for him. You didn’t even remember how happened, the feeling just appeared on your chest one day and remained there, refusing to disappear. However, three months after starting your second year in Karasuno, he surprise
:iconhabbyrabbit:HabbyRabbit 392 28
Markiplier lick icon by PokemonKorraDrWhofan Markiplier lick icon :iconpokemonkorradrwhofan:PokemonKorraDrWhofan 48 14
Falling [Kuroo Tetsurou x Reader]
Author's Note:
*insert typical disclaimer here*


When you stepped out from the post-match logorrhea meaning to find a vending machine, you, instead, found an upset Kuroo Tetsuro. Although you assumed that it was normal to be depressed after losing an important game, Kuroo just didn’t seem like he was someone who’d let the loss get to him. Needless to say, this was quite unexpected.
He’d placed himself on a quasi-secluded corner next to a vending machine, with his head slumped against the wall. His eyes were tight shut, while his eyebrows were knotted just as tightly. Anxiety had made itself prominent across his features, painting it with a troubled expression.
You couldn’t believe what you were seeing.
In all honesty, you had no clue that a volleyball match could have this much of an impact on a person. Plus, you weren’t one for watching tournaments. It just so happens that your perpetually-guy-hunting-best-friend dragged you
:iconamereaberration:AMereAberration 413 38
Hurricane [Haizaki Shougo x Reader]
Author's Note:
All of us, at this point of time, are already probably well aware that I own nothing but the text.
The following events occurred after Haizaki's loss during winter cup.


In all honesty, you never understood people like Haizaki Shougo, a classmate of yours. The boy was like a fucking force of nature - he did whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted, and if someone was against him in any way (which is, as a matter of fact, almost always), they can just go fuck themselves. It was as though nothing mattered to him; that this bullshit we call life is just some game for him - A very shitty game, at that. In his case, though, none of the rules applied.
Haizaki Shougo was a hurricane.
Sometimes, in your times of vacant thought, you find yourself wondering how he justified all his douchery to himself, how his thoughts presented themselves to him and how exactly ended up that way. And although you wouldn't go as far as to call the attention you give him an a
:iconamereaberration:AMereAberration 264 45
Before and After [Iwaizumi Hajime x gn!reader]
Reader-chii can be a female or male in this story!
Sequels are pretty fun to write heheh.
W a r n i n g:
~ Slight cursing and swearing!
~ OOC Iwai-chii. -u-
Iwaizumi’s pov:
In junior high was where I had been introduced to you by our mutual acquaintance.
I had seen you around at school before but it was just passing by in hallways and such, nothing else.
But, when [friend/enemy’s name] introduced me and Assikawa to you, I became infatuated with you immediately.
Or so I thought that it was infatuation.
From your bright [e/c] eyes, to your soft-looking [h/c] hair and to your contagious gentle smile.
Every time you flashed a smile, it made me want to return it. It was just that contagious. But of course having such a great amount of self-composure, I didn’t.
I mean, that smile wasn’t even meant for me.
Perhaps to you, I was just a mere friend whi
:iconaliassx:aliassx 88 33
First Impression by MonkeyDSophie First Impression :iconmonkeydsophie:MonkeyDSophie 11 1 Strong World Outfits by MonkeyDSophie Strong World Outfits :iconmonkeydsophie:MonkeyDSophie 10 3



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RikuD, my real name is for mutual only. Even then, just call me RikuD

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3-6 hours >__>

Lucky Number:

4 or 13, bad luck means good luck for me

Last thing I googled:

Shizuo Heiwajima cause I was looking for reference pics

Favorite fictional character:

Luffy from One Piece, Midoriya Izumi from BnHA, Olivier Armstrong from FmaB, Haruhi Fujioka from Ouran Host Club, Pip Bernadotte from Hellsing, and many more

What are you wearing now?:

Old free shirt I got from Disneyland since my school performed there. Its hella big so its airy and the fabric is soft so not stiff. And I'm wearing my middle school gym shorts

When did you start this account?:

My old account was Oct 15 2012 and this one was April 7th 2014

Amount of watchers: 

Old account was 275 and this one is 52. Heh, I posted HetaliaxReader stories over there so it got popular than this account. And I barely upload art, but I'm not complaining. At least I got more watchers over on my tumblr

What do you post?:

Oc art

Do you run any more blogs?:
My old blog, my main tumblr blog, a few rp, an art reference blog, and a personal webcomic blog which I'm still constructing

Do you get a lot of comments?:

Big Fool Emoji-07 (Cry) [V2]  no

Why did you choose this username?:
It was just a name that followed me since forever. Of course there had been slight changes, but it was always RikuD

I tag no one cause everyone else I know has been tagged -3-


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Riku D
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I'm RikuD trash that hasn't been on deviantart for how long now??

Im a college student so what you want from me?

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:bulletgreen: You don't understand my obsession for Gender/Sex Benders
:bulletblack: I don't know hy but I always try to go against the social current.
:bulletgreen: I am no Mary Sue


OC's in Development:

- Haso Lea
- Cota Ruth
- Ene Seras

-Toni Roko
- Blair Cuttings

Kuroko no Basket:
- Mei Yukimura
- Suzume Otani
- Naomi Kita
- Dani Evans
- Junko Moto

I don't hate Sue, I hate lack of effort


- One Piece
- Fairy Tail
- Bleach
- Kuroko no Basket
- Doctor Who
- Satan and Me (webcomic, gods, you should try it!)
- Hetalia (though not as much as before)

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