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LEAST Favorite Pokemon Meme

Well, I turned that one around, didn't I? :iconimhappyplz:

By the way, 12 of these are from Generation V.

That's 70.5%.

Pokemon Black and White, your gameplay and story rock, but your Pokemon suck SO much.
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The gen 5 hate is strong with this, which I don't like that bc it's my favorite generation. Also why TF would you diss on HAXORUS!? It's like one of the coolest gen 5 Pokemon

kys you fucking brony fag
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Gen V is the worst XP

I agree with a lot of these. Although poor Skuntank :( I actually love Skuntank, but I can also understand why people would hate him.

By the way, does this mean you hate Haxorus more than Druddigon?
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so much pokemon black hate..
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That snowflake is going to give me nightmares at some point O.o

And Munna and it's evo just tip me off for whatever reason, idk. Some of Gen V is fine (Chandelier guy :D) but a lot of it is hideous.
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Shandera is awesome. :D

I also like Jalorda, Sazandora, and Zoroark.
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People seem to confuse me calling it my least favorite with me calling it bad.

Don't get me wrong, I think a lot of these Pokemon are quite good. Especially Ononokus, Shibirudon, and even Musharna a little bit. Hell, Shibirudon has NO weaknesses. How is that NOT good?

But I just personally don't like them, usually because of their design. I just find them either unoriginal or ugly. :/

So don't be hatin' on my hatin'. :3

Skuntank, on the other hand. I just hate him for a reason I can't quite figure out myself. Maybe it's because his battle cry is a freaking fart! T.T
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Oh, geeze. I hate Skunktank's cry as well. Personally, I have no tolerance for Gas Humor and stuff like that.
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Ay, that Dragon isn't that bad. I actually use it competitively, and it rocks. I do agree that a lot of the Pokemon in Generation 5 aren't that good for people used to the older ones, but that Dragon is a complete and total BAMF and you know it. D:<
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I wanna try this out :D
I haven't seen most of the Gen 5 pokemon but a lot of them are hideous. I have a few I really like though.
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How is Shibirudon bad just because it isn't water type?
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Well maybe they SUCK, but how can the reason why be that they're ripoff? Then you could say that about all the Pokemon from BW, cause they're tecnical just Gen 1 all over again with BETTER designs!! >:b
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But Psychic-type is Baku The dream Tapir who eats all the dreams and nightmare one has. Best Pokemon ever love Tapirs.

My list for this would mostly be Pokemon from Diamond and Pearl.
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